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What is the scope of engineering management in Germany?

Technology and business are the two industries that contribute to the growth and development of a country’s economy. Combined, these areas of study have the potential to transform the framework and working of any organisation in the world. That is why the field of engineering management has witnessed a steep rise in demand among students and professionals alike.

An MSc in Engineering Management is growing in popularity due to its scope and lucrative career prospects. This field of study combines technical knowledge with business management skills to bring out radical changes in any sector.

Germany being one of the largest economies in the world presents opportunities for graduates in engineering management to build a career and grow exponentially. In this article, we will discuss the scope of engineering management in Germany.

What is engineering management?

Before discussing the scope and career prospects of engineering management, it is important to know about the field of study. Engineering management is a program that provides an understanding of both engineering and management systems. It focuses on areas such as project management, logistics, supply chain management, energy management, sustainability, etc. and prepares you to plan, organise, and manage the various operations in an organisation.

The program is set in an engineering context and allows engineering degree holders to take up senior managerial positions. The critical thinking abilities one develops here allow one to prepare better strategies and decisions than the rest with adequate knowledge of the technical and managerial fields.

What is the scope of engineering management?

According to the German Academic Exchange Service, the number of international students coming to Germany for studies has increased significantly. This is mainly because of the high-quality education and career opportunities posed by the country. German public universities offer free education whereas the cost is very low even in private universities.

Germany is arguably the best destination for you to study for an engineering management degree. As the largest economy in Europe, the career possibilities and growth opportunities in Germany are far better than that offered in most other countries. With a comprehensive understanding of the engineering and managerial sector, you can land high-paying jobs in any industry.

Career opportunities with an engineering management degree

As mentioned, technical abilities and managerial skills combined can offer you a rewarding career with plenty of chances for professional growth. Let’s look at some of the popular careers after engineering management.

  • Project Engineer

Project engineers are responsible for managing the technical aspects of a project.

  • Systems Engineer

A systems engineer designs and overlooks various aspects of a complex system to rectify any problem.

  • Project Manager

A project manager runs a team and plans, organises, and manages a project to ensure that the demands of the stakeholders are met.

Some other careers in engineering management include strategic manager, operations manager, logistics manager, etc. All these jobs are high paying and earn you an average salary of $95,191 per annum. The salary package increases with each year of experience you gain in the industry.

Interested in a career in engineering management, enrol in a program now.

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