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What is the purpose of the Prestashop Rental Module?

So, yes, we will talk about the Prestashop rental module by Knowband in this blog. Not very popular among the marketers. However, the Prestashop Booking System is apt for those who want to start offering booking services. Thus, if you want to offer hotel booking or scheduling appointments, the Prestashop Event Booking Addon is for you. Further, internet shoppers are getting wiser. Moreover, are involved as a result of recent internet innovations in the eCommerce industry. Individuals are also seeking online solutions that allow them to book a service, product, or service at their leisure. Every online company must have an Online Booking System to keep up with this smart buying trend.

In today’s society, everyone is looking for rental options that will save them money while still completing the task. Buyers can now book hotel appointments, daily and rental products online. Thanks to the installation of the Prestashop Booking and Rental System. The store administrator does not need any coding or technical experience to use the PrestaShop hotel booking system.

There are a variety of reasons to use the Prestashop Booking Calendar Module in your shop. However, first, you should understand what the Prestashop Service Booking module performs.

What does the Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module do?

Knowband’s Prestashop rental module is an excellent alternative for helping the admin provide booking services. In addition, the administrator can easily give alternatives to the customers. For example, making an appointment or booking a hotel room, among other things.

Now, let us go forth. Moreover, take a look at the reasons that make it worth investing in the Prestashop Booking System.

Why should you install the Knowband Prestashop Rental Module?

The Prestashop Event Booking Addon enables rental and booking services

The goal of the PrestaShop hotel booking system is the first reason. Further, you can also just allow your clients to schedule appointments. Additionally, the Prestashop Booking and Rental System are usable to book hotel rooms. They can also rent items utilizing the Prestashop addon by Knowband.

The Prestashop Booking Calendar Extension allows your customers to reserve a hotel room effortlessly 

The eCommerce marketer might pick a product category such as hotel booking when adding new hotels. He can also show you a range of hotels. In addition, their cost, reviews, and minimum and maximum stay dates are all available. The Prestashop rental module admin can also set up various pricing options from the admin interface. Additionally, add facilities and different sorts of rooms for different time periods. Single-bed, double-bed, suite, and more options are available.

The Prestashop Booking Calendar Module makes it simple to rent goods

Customers can also be able to rent items on a daily or hourly basis, depending on the administrator’s preferences. Furthermore, the tenant can pay their rent immediately. Also, make use of their products. The administrator can set date slots or date-time slots for daily rental items. Charge the rental fee as well using the Prestashop Service Booking module. When hourly rental goods are available, the admin can set the minimum and maximum hours of use.

The Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module makes scheduling appointments a breeze

This Prestashop rental module allows you to book consultations online. The administrator has the option of using an in-branch or at-home service. Furthermore, the consumer must visit the branch when they opt for in-branch service. On the other hand, the executive comes home or to the assigned location in the at-home service. In fact, the administrator can create date slots or date-time slots based on the requirements.

The Google Maps integration is a big help to determine where to rent the products from

Using the Prestashop rental module, the admin can simply allow customers to view the location. For example, do you want clients to be aware of the many merchants who rent things? Further, you might display their locations.

In Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module, customizing the settings is simple

At this point, I will put forth the various customizable settings of the Prestashop Service Booking module. Further, the administrator has a lot of control over the settings. As a result, he receives this benefit as a result of utilizing the Prestashop Booking Calendar Module. The following are some of the configurations:

Use volume restrictions

The online shopkeeper might specify the available quantity of a product. Additionally, the maximum amount of items that are bookable or available for rent. More than that quantity cannot be booked or rented by online users.

Illustrations of booking/rental items should display

From the backend, the admin can add hotel photos, room images, and product images. There is no limit to the number of photographs that may be added to a product; the administrator can add as many as he or she wants.

Setup of date/time spots

The eCommerce store merchant may establish date/date-time slots for various items with this PrestaShop hotel booking system. The admin may specify the number of goods and price per slot for timeslots.

Days when you’re disabled

The merchant can use this plugin to choose which days of the week the product or service will be unavailable. On some days of the week, internet consumers will be unable to reserve products or accommodations.

Include amenities

Admins may map facilities to different product kinds and build them via the admin interface. For example, a hotel’s amenities may include a pool, while a rental vehicle’s amenities would include headgear and accoutrements.

Use the pricing criterion

Shoppers can also receive a discount if they purchase on specified dates or for a particular timeframe. If the administrator desires, price rules can be shown on product pages. On offer days, internet customers may book or rent items at a set or percentage-based discount.

Dynamic pricing

The admin can seamlessly activate the dynamic pricing feature from the backend of the Prestashop rental module. The consumer can observe how the pricing fluctuates depending on the time window.

Customizing the availability of products

Changing the availability of items is a simple task for the administrator. In reality, he can accomplish so through the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Extension’s backend.

Let’s wrap things up!

As a result, the Prestashop Rental Module by Knowband is absolutely essential. Further, if you are planning to offer any of the above-mentioned services to your customers. Let us know what you think of the Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module. You can also contact us at if you have any questions regarding the plugin.

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