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What Is the New Toilet for Sale Available in The Market?

Toilets, although a most neglected but very important fixture in every bathroom. It is the one fixture that we use more than anything else. That’s why its level of usability highly affects overall comfort. Despite being highly usable, it is the last thing we think about when it comes to bathroom renovations. It is because most of us don’t even know if a toilet can play any role aesthetics of the bathroom. While there are different types of styles of toilets available today, most people are used to see only a kind of traditional close coupled toilets. However, you should not just go ad buy any available toilet for sale without many considerations. In this article, we are going to explain what new toilet is available in the market. 

Different Types of New Toilets.

If you are looking for a toilet for sale in the market, then you can read their different types available here. 

  • Close Coupled Toilet for Sale 

It is perhaps the most common type of toilet that to be found everywhere around the world. The main reason for its popularity is a simple design, easier installation, and affordability. It has two distinctive or major parts, a cistern and a toilet bowl which joins together to make it a single unit. A cistern or flush tank usually sits on the back corner of the bowl.  Although considered classic or timeless, you can find various variants of this toilet. That makes it a suitable choice for both contemporary and classic looks. 

  • Back To Wall Toilet for Sale

An upgrade to the traditional toilet, the back-to-wall toilet is a relatively newer innovation. Just like an easier type, it also has two main parts. The first one is the toilet bowl which is the same as any other bowl. While the other one is a cistern, which usually stands against the wall. It may be in some cases inside the furniture or vanity unit. So, you generally have two options concealed cistern or an open one that stands beside the wall. If you fix it against the furniture or vanity unit, then there will be no visible pipework. 

  • Wall Hung Toilet for Sale

It is a kind of modern toilet that, as clear from its name, hung on the wall. That means it has a kind of floating pan. While all of its pipework, including the cistern, remains hidden inside the wall.  Due to such design, it takes minimum space in the bathroom. Generally, these toilets have three components, a toilet pan, mounting frame, a cistern. The mounting frame is where the cistern fits, while it also provides support to the toilet pan. Not only, but it also makes your bathroom look spacious due to leaving empty space on the floor. In addition, that its luxurious look makes your bathroom an attractive place. 

Features To Look for In a New Toilet. 

There are the following features that you should look for while buying a new toilet

  • Rimless Design.  Generally, toilets have pans with rims. That makes it incredibly difficult to keep clean. Whenever you look for a new toilet for sale, then it is important that you choose a rimes toilet as it is newer features and make cleaning quick and hassle-free. 
  • Dual Flush. Another great feature to look for in a toilet is the dual flush mechanism. It allows you to choose between two quantities of water that you want to flush as per your needs. It helps in saving water that ultimately results in lower water and energy bills. 
  • Short Projection. It is a kind of space-saving feature that is incredibly helpful for bathrooms with limited space. Such toilets have a minimum impact inside the area. In other words, it is a compact design for cloakrooms or small bathrooms. 

Looking For a New Toilet for Sale?

Are you looking for a new toilet for sale? You have various options to choose from a close coupled, back to wall or wall hung toilet. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of toilets available at amazing prices. You can visit our website for more details. 

Cloakroom toilet – do not make them bigger, make them better

Let us face it – opulence is out in cloakroom toilet remodeling – cool, functionality, and simplicity are in. The days of free-flowing access to money have flamed out and it has blown up the overly large bathroom. The main cliches in remodeling today are value and elegance on a budget. Since investing big bucks in a room extension probably does not make economic resources to build your bath wider, consider the following easy steps to make your cloakroom toilet cooler and more practical.

  • Phase 1 – Create crisp consistency – It is not a good idea to create a funky or eclectic design, so you see all at once in a small room. Make sure that your finishes and details match (e.g., your faucets, towel bars, toilet handles are made of the same finish and from the same manufacturer – do not mix brass with bronze rubbed with oil.  To make cleaning easier and build a sleeker look, consider smoother lines in your sink and cabinet options. For design simplicity, consider things like white subway tiles for the walls.
  • Phase 2 – Mirror, mirror on walls- It is important to establish a sense of transparency in smaller spaces and to ensure that there is enough light. Do not be nervous about mirrors being installed. Also – design in several lighting sources (consider at least one with a dimmer as well) to reduce shadows and to make it easier to shave and shower in the room.
  • Phase 3 – Steal some space- Count every inch of space. To get more use out of every inch, here are some practical ideas:
  1. Recessed storage and niches – To gain space, try building storage between the studs. Using recessed niches of soap/ shampoo to fold down seats in the bathroom.
  2. Security and comfort are no longer mutually exclusive – Buy a decorative towel bar or toilet paper holder that can act as a grab bar. You can now buy decorative towel bars and toilet paper holders that offer a capacity of 350 pounds, allowing them to act as a grab bar.
  3. Use a cabinet/sink combination – A sink located in a small cabinet may help to cover the plumbing pipes and provide much-needed storage.
  • Phase 4- Blow up and shower the soaking or jetted pool- The days of the tub space monster are long gone. Disable your soaking or jetted tub and use a laid-out shower to put the room to work. You might also be able to fit a walk-in shower if you have a 60 ” width (allowing you to get rid of the expense and maintenance of a shower door). Another choice to consider will be a wet room (no shower curb to step over) – this can produce a very elegant European design and is an effective way to use space and make it more convenient.
  • Phase 5 – Jazz it up – Since you are not making your cloakroom toilet bigger, you may be able to make it better with more funds. Heated floors, handheld showers, multiple spray heads and valves, and upscale flooring and countertops are some common choices to consider.
  • Phase 5 1/2- Get assistance – You can get into this project and uncertainty can be caused by the broad variety of goods and contractors’ choices. If this is the case – before you start building, get help. Before they begin pitching their ideas, search for a contractor/supplier who cares to listen to you first. A good design often starts with knowing how and by whom space will be used. Do not skimp on a contractor at a cut-rate, or you will end up with a completed project that suits the low price.

Cloakroom toilet at the Royal Bathrooms

The bathroom has always been an important ingredient for the home and more so for our individual needs. The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most frequented rooms in the entire home, whether you require a refreshing feel, quick wash or simply to relieve yourself, and hence why it should feature an inviting and comfortable interior even in the cloakroom toilet. Google now!

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