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What Is the Mobile App Development Cycle? And How Does It Work?

Well in the future or right now if you are planning to build a great application you will have to go through a  mobile app development cycle. This development cycle is the application development cycle. In this article, we will provide all the steps required to do this certain process. Trust me Building an application is not that easy, but with a particular mobile app development cycle, you will be able to build a successful app.

When we discuss IT development, we discuss two terms SDLC and ADLC. Let’s get deeper into these terms.

SDLC: In Full form, we can say it is define as the software development life cycle. So what does SDLC do? This thing describes the process of software creation. So what does an ADLC do?

ADLC: basically explains how a professional IT company makes the Application: Which contains the maintenance of discovery, design, development, and the release of the application. Let’s understand the phases deeply.

What Are those Stages of Application Development?

Here are those 6 stages which are highly essential for every mobile app development project. so let’s start with the discovery stage.


There are some questions that you need to answer in order to go in a literal flow.

  • What operating system would you like to have in order to build an application?
  • How many users do you want to allow or how many times do you want to allow one user to log in with different accounts?
  • What are those identical smartphones that you want your mobile to be suitable for?

Well, you were thinking before these questions that you can build an application very easily and you knew exactly the way your project should go. But now you will have to think about these questions.

This discovery step is important to answer these questions. The Discovery phase is essential for translating the human language into the technical language, well technically it transforms it into the documentation.

Discovery can basically divide into more 4 phases which define below.

  • Research in competitors
  • Mapping of the features of applications
  • What kinds of technicality your application requires
  • The setting of costs and deadlines

The second stage of the process is “design”. The design makes your application look unique and very good. Design can divide into other 3 parts.

The First is the sketch.


The first step in designing is sketching. In Sketch basically, the designer prepares the concept of the application. You may use paper to do sketches. No, I am not talking about the actual paper. I am talking about the application called paper. Don’t worry you will find a link to the application below.  Well, you can transform your real paper sketch into a digital sketch.


The next step in the design process is a wireframe where you can prepare a table in black and white. The design will be so much more finished. You may also add the content scheme or the color scheme.


The prototype is the last stage of the Design Phase. The prototype is just a button that actually looks like the application that you want to build. But I gotta tell you that in the prototype process you will still have to look for your backend testings. You may use this prototype in order to attract more sponsors or clients. Well, you can also give prototypes to users in order to get feedback.


Development can divide into two major parts known as front-end development and backend development. The developers work after the designers do. Let’s understand both parts of development in detail.

Front-end development

Front-end development is the user-side development. Or you can say that front-end development is the part where only users interact. The front-end developer’s job is to secure an user-friendly experience.

Back-end Development

It is a back-side part of the development, this type can not see by the users but it is essential to get functioned certain things in the development. Well if we call it technically, the back-end development can be known as the server-side of the application. Back-end development is all about operation and calculations.

Let’s move on in this list, next comes the release of your mobile app development cycle.


After the complete development of your application, you will have to release your application properly. You may also offer your application to certain businesses and facilities. If your application gets successful in the release then your app development will not stop at this. You will require proper maintenance in order to keep your application going.


You will have to polish your developed application continuously in order to get going.


After the ideation, Designing, and Development here comes the testing. Testing is as essential as the development of the application. Test your mobile application after every stage.

Most of the applications face issues in interface feasibility.

Some application developers are hiring testers for the testing of their applications. Well, it is pretty much costly but it is better.

Because once people find a Glitch or bug in your application and once they uninstall it there is no chance that they will go back to it.

Run a test more than 3 times before the final launching. Keep Testing the application even after the launching. Ask for the reviews of the Users who have used your application.

But keep in mind that you will go to need a detailed update from the users. For example, people nowadays just feedback with “Ok”,” Good”, and” Bad”. You don’t need this. So better ask for detailed reviews.

Break down the application into such parts as Security, functions, interfaces, designs, compatibility, and speed. After dividing run tests separately. This will help.


In the end, we can divide certain things into certain parts. Let’s check it out.

Discovery: It can be divided into market research, technical documentation, and feature map.

Design: It can be divided into the sketch, wireframe, and mockup.

Development on the other hand can be defined in front-end and back-end development.

Finally comes the maintenance and the rollout of the application. You will have to look out for these stages if you want to build an excellent application.

Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem reviews, a mobile app development company in UK, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for app development companies, top software companies and top web development companies.

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