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Importance of Motivation

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of Motivation and why one does require it timely. It’s like a coal engine in trains that require coal, again and again, to keep burning.

Motivation is the word composed of two terms, ‘ motive’ and ‘tion.’ “Motive” means aim, reason, target, and “tion” means any happening phenomenon. So, exactly, Motivation is the phenomena in which people receive energetic, instigative, and propulsive vibes from anyone or anything pushing them to achieve their target by amplifying their willpower.

What are the Sources of Motivation?

Motivation can be in any form from any origin. You can experience this wonderful feeling from both biotic and abiotic things, both real and fantasy worlds, living and non-living things. For instance, they are as follows,

1.) Fictions:

There are a lot of inspirational books and novels present around us. Any character or any book can motivate us. We have our instincts of grabbing.

2.) Movies:

many movies like three idiots, the pursuit of happiness, etc., give an emerging ray of hope and sunshine, which removes all of our stupid suspicions from our minds. 

3.) Role models:

People whose lifestyle, habits, and habitats look extremely attractive to you become your role model. You got inspired by many social media influencers and want to be like them. They can be any movie star or web series actor or maybe a real-life hero. 

4.) Real incidents:

In our life, incidents keep on happening throughout our lives. But some of the time, you get stuck with specific events which enlighten us about reality. 

Importance of Motivation
Importance of Motivation

5.) Love:

Love has the biggest healing power in nature. We should live in harmony. Most of the time, we get motivated by our loved ones or try to moralize our desires.

And also, with a different point of view, our love for somebody makes us crystal clear realization of what we have and what we want. Our desire for love can make us do anything we aim for. Love Motivational Quotes might help you for achieving healthy relationships.

6.) Situations:

In this harsh world, many people face unwanted circumstances which leave permanent scars on their mind. They want to do something different; they want to live a peaceful life afterward, motivating them.

7.) Inspirational videos:

Various motivational videos are present over the internet today. Many times, when we feel low, we watch them and get enthusiastic. 

8.) Spiritual leaders:

Some persons spread the message of happiness, peace, and equality across the globe, like dharm guru and swami Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji. They have their techniques and passages to scrutinize the vision of people and motivate them.

9.) Animals:

Animals can also motivate us in many ways. Their liveliness and approach for their living are way too inspirational when observed. For example, ants, dogs, lions, etc. 

10.) Non – living things:

Many times, non-living factors can also impact people in their way. Close observation of anything can be a reason for anyone.

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What are the Standpoints regarding Motivation?

Aspects of Motivation can be both positive and negative. Positive Motivation is healthy. Positive influence includes both source and Motive to be in the productive direction. At the same time, negative Motivation composes any one or both source and motive category in a destructive direction. It is very unhealthy and unsafe. 

Negative influence comprises negative impacts. Many criminals, psychopaths, and thieves get their Motivation from positive sources.

For elaboration, criminals like rapists and murderers might get inspiration from digital channels like intimate and violent movies and web series; according to a study, in most of the cases, psychopaths originally had experienced bad influence and get traumatized by them; many thieves also confessed that they took burglary idea from bad peer circle or some stupid movie. 

Motivation about the employee:

1.) Provide offers and rewards to your respectable staff members. This will enhance their interest and confidence in the work. He or she would try to reach the limit of perfectionism. This is the most attractive deal you can exhibit to give Motivation.

2.) It would help if you had an equal and fair demeanor with your work staff members. It will motivate them to reach heights of promotion without facing jack’s fear. They will try to become more efficient in increasing growth.

3.) The head should at least keep a moral bond with its employees. His or her little compliments can boost their performance.

4.) Guidance is also very crucial. A good leader can guide his or her team in a better way for better productive results. This guidance will help them in maintaining enthusiasm.

5.) Last but not the least, feedback is the essential step. It would help if you kept taking feedback from your employees for betterment. It will retain further hardships.

How worthy is Motivation to us?

1.) Its first remarkable point is, it searches for an asset inside all of us. We all have different kinds of skills. Our Motivation helps us analyze our worth, and somehow, humanity’s enterprises are saved from being wasted.

2.) Motivation can improve a person’s life. All successful people have their own inspirational stories. This shows us the importance of Motivation which can change your life completely.

3.) Motivation can convert our internal spirit. When in need, if a dying man has Motivation, then it can prevent his death. Motivation is much stronger than we can think of. 

4.) Motivation can transform an illiterate into a billionaire. He or she needs the willpower to prove themselves. 

5.) Suppose if we didn’t have any encouragement in our life, then how will we imagine ourselves? It is one of the basic human requirements which helps in upgrowing.

Common sort of Motivation in our life?

1.) The anxiety of being rejected is the most useful Motivation that pushes us to explore the limits that we don’t know.

2.) Ardency also plays a significant role in adopting Motivation. Our passion almost put our string attached to our aim, which is a kind of inspiration.

To keep yourself motivated, you should always stay or be around people with a positive attitude. This will keep your mood and thinking in good directions. Just try to keep yourself at peace, and your mind will sink in answerable directions. Your mind will itself conclude your wants. Try being patient; it will help you a lot.

Knowing Importance of Motivation will help you with many aspects in life from positivity to focus, you can achieve anything.

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