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What is the difference between roller blinds and roller shades?

Are Roller Blinds in Perth better for window coverings, or are they a shade better? When it comes to window treatments, many people are still determining if they should choose blinds or shades or if there’s even a difference between them.

Blinds and shades from are two different types of window coverings, even though many use the terms blinds and shades interchangeably. So what’s the point? The short answer is that blinds are structured window coverings with slats that can be tilted open or closed, while shades are a single solid window covering made from softer fabrics. Blinds can be horizontal or vertical, usually made of wood, woven wood, bamboo, faux wood, aluminium, vinyl, or plastic that looks like wood. Cellular shades, roman shades, and roller shades are all popular types of shades.

How does one decide between blinds and shades?

Roller Blinds in Perth from reputed manufacturers come in a wide range of styles, materials, and functions, as well as prices, so there’s something for every room and every budget. Here are some things to think about if you’re trying to decide between blinds and custom shades for your home.

Handle the lights

How much light does your window let in, and how much light do you want in the room? Do you sometimes want the room to be bright and sometimes want it to be dark? These questions will help you get rid of some of your choices.


Both blinds and shades can give you privacy by making it hard to see in from the outside, but they do this differently. Blinds can be angled in a way that lets light in but blocks your view. Also, the amount of privacy that different types of shades offer depends on their materials. For example, roller shades made of a more sheer fabric may block out details but still let silhouettes show through, while those made of vinyl or opaque fabric offer a lot of privacy.


How often will you have to clean your window coverings? Are they in a busy place, or do you have children or animals? Most shades are easy to clean with the brush attachment on a vacuum or a gentle spot. However, you may need to call a professional if there are tough stains or a lot of dirt. On the other hand, blinds usually only need to be dusted occasionally with a soft cloth or quickly vacuumed.


The lift cord is the most dangerous part of blinds and shades. Bloomin’ Blinds has a variety of cordless blinds and shades, as well as motorized blinds and shades. If you have small children or pets, cordless blinds still use laddering strings to connect the slats so that cordless shades may be a little safer.


Basic white aluminium mini blinds, vinyl vertical blinds, and white roller shades are probably familiar to anyone who has lived in an apartment or first home. There’s a reason why these are everywhere: They are neutral, easy on the wallet, and do the job. Outside of these practical choices, there is a world of colours, fabrics, and finishes. There’s something for everyone, from elegant wood blinds for the dining room to cellular shades in a fun colour to match your child’s room to woven grass shades that add a natural touch to the living room.


Blinds and shades from Bravo Blinds do the same basic thing: to cover a window for privacy and light control or to make it look nice. But depending on your tastes and how you live, one may work better in your home than the other.

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