What is the Difference Between Asian and European Culture?

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Imagine if we all were living with the same cultural values, how boring life can be.  A human being is a social animal that cannot live alone. He needs the help of others in carrying out different chores of life. For this purpose, people from different backgrounds meet with each other.  When they meet and mingle in a certain region, they make the culture.  The different cultures of the world depict their way of living. Observing how people live in different regions is a very interesting task.  People living in Asia have different cultural values than European culture. Some nations are very sensitive about their cultural values. Therefore, it is very important to understand each other’s culture. This is because something which is considered auspicious in one culture can be offensive to others.

To live in a world with peace and harmony, you need to respect each other’s cultural values.  Different languages are spoken in different cultures. How can you understand different cultures? With the help of translation services. For example, in the Asian region, if you want to know the Philippines culture then you must go for Filipino translation services, and if you want to get the know-how of Thailand culture then you must go for Thai translation services.

Comparison Between Asian and European Culture

The difference between Asian and European cultures is that European countries are more liberal than Asian countries. In European culture, people are broadminded. They easily discuss topics that you can’t imagine discussing in Asian cultures. 

In case of any disagreement, European people show their anger, whereas Asian people try to handle the situation with good manners.  The other important difference between Asian and European cultures is that in European culture, people make decisions on their own whereas, in Asian cultures, people include their families in making important decisions. In short, Europeans have an individualistic approach, whereas Asians have a collective approach.


People are aware of the fact that in European countries, people shake their hands when they meet with each other. People living in Asia also shake hands, but in some Asian countries, it is not considered good to shake hands with female counterparts.

Moreover, it is considered inappropriate to have direct physical contact with females. People living in Thailand and the Philippines greet each other with a warm smile and by nodding their heads. The way you greet each other gives your first impression.

It is always a good idea to learn greetings in different languages to impress your host. Therefore, if you are in Thailand or the Philippines, you must learn how to say hello in their respective languages.  If you are unaware of how to greet, then you can take the assistance of certified Thai translation services and professional Filipino translation services.


In most Asian countries, people love to give gifts. But in Thailand, giving gift is not their norm. If you want to give a gift, it should be wrapped appropriately in two auspicious colors that are yellow and gold. Avoid wrapping a gift in black, blue, and green because they depict funerals. 

Unlike Thailand, France which is one of the leading countries of Europe, people don’t like to give gifts except for different occasions like weddings, Christmas and birthdays.  They love to give flowers, chocolates, wines, and perfumes as a gift.

To understand the norms of giving gifts in Asian and European countries, you must take the assistance of Thailand translation services and French translation services.  With the help of these translation services, you can understand the preferences of Thai and French people and give them gifts accordingly.

In European countries, you can give a bottle of wine or flowers if you are invited to someone’s house. Contrary to this, In Asia, wine is not at all acceptable. Moreover, if you want to gift flowers, then you must take care of their types and colors because different types and colors depict different meanings.

In Asian countries, it is best to take sweets as a gift. For buying the sweets, you must take the recommendations of the local people. Get them wrapped beautifully to show your love and respect for the host.


The cuisine is the differentiating factor between Asian and European cultures. In Europe, people tend to eat from their plates. Whether you are at home or a restaurant, you will be served your dishes, and you have to eat what is served to you. In Asian cultures, food is usually served on tables.

They take food themselves. This is known as the communal way of eating. In European countries, French cuisine is the most demanding on the Earth. Moreover, French cuisine represents a modern lifestyle. 

To understand French cuisine, you should take the assistance of professional French translation services. It will help you in deciding what to order from delicious French food items.

If you are in Asian countries like China and Japan, then you must learn how to eat Chopsticks. In Southeast Asia, people love to eat with spoons and forks.

In Thailand, you will find many interesting eating traditions like rolling the balls of sticky rice and then dipping it in a sauce.  Remember to use your right hand while eating, otherwise, it will be considered rude in a few countries.

Business Culture

European people build connections through networking to get successful in their career whereas Asian people use their existing connections for career growth.  For European people, time is money. Therefore, they scheduled their meetings and appointments on time.

On the contrary, Asian people give preference to culture and relationships. Time is never their priority. If you are Asian and want to expand your business in Europe or vice versa then you must give importance to cultural differences to run your business smoothly. 

Wrapping Up

Culture is not related to greetings, gifts,business and foods only. Cultures depict the complete code of living of the people that are living in a specific region. Just like the habits of brothers and sisters are not similar, the same is the case with cultures.

To live with peace and harmony in the world, it is very important to understand each other’s cultures and act accordingly. The best way to understand any region’s culture is through language. If you don’t understand the language, then you can take the assistance of translation services.  Read More


Halen Terry is a creative writer and a professional linguist with expertise in using advanced translation management systems. She has been working in the localization industry for more than 6 years now. She creates informational content every day with the aim to serve the community and aspire translators to grow professionally.

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