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What is Rugby?

Rugby: sport which opposes two teams of 15 players and where it is necessary to place an oval ball, played with the foot or the hand, behind the goal line of the adversary or to pass it between the goal posts.

If we stop at the dictionary definition, rugby is a sport like any other, governed and codified. Except that rugby is more than that. Rugby is these sportsmen, ready for battle, who tie themselves together, attach themselves to the ground. A rugby team is a bunch of players with rocky accents and flowery words who respect and appreciate each other. Players who defend the jersey they wear on the body and whose mission is to crush and subdue the camp opposite. Racing, RC Toulon, Stade (s) Toulousain and Français, these teams which resonate strongly in the memories of the old ones and which continue to make the youngest dream. These fellows with an ever-increasing volume of activity, in races, shocks, jumps in short, games.

Rugby has above all been able to keep its roots. Those of a sport inhabited by beautiful values, moral respect, a perpetual quest for beauty in behavior and in the game. Rugby is also its folklore, its traditions, its exchanges, its conflicts, its wars between Anglo-Saxon and French. A game is not just the 80 minutes, it’s everything that happens before, during and especially after. They fought and in the end always shake hands. Scarified, dented, even boneless, they have made themselves esteemed.

And it is for all these reasons that rugby will forever flow in the blood of those who practice it.

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Rugby is the ultimate team sport which calls on running to score, but also on force for all phases of conquest (eg touching or scrum). To perform well on all tasks, surpassing oneself is an essential value that the rugby player uses on match days to be victorious.

In rugby, you are both attacker and defender. Going from one phase to another can be done very quickly. This is what we call in the jargon: “a turnover”. All players have a role to play in these 2 phases of the game . You accept the physical commitment in order to pass the ball, protect your defense, enhance your partners.

As in all combat sports, you learn to be fair in the face of challenge and adversity. There is great respect between opponents but also towards the referee. This is also often greeted by other team sports.

Rugby being an intense sport , team cohesion is very important to play well. In scrums, for example, players bond to challenge the opponent and push him collectively to win the ball.


Rugby is a challenging sport . Physically of course but also mentally. With the oval ball, exercise and surpass yourself !

In rugby, it’s not just the defenders that you pass. If it is a ball sport, it is also a contact and challenge sport. You learn to express yourself and assert yourself in the face of adversity . Rugby allows you to surpass yourself to progress. You gain self-confidence and let go of your stress . In creativity as much as in intensity, rugby allows you to free yourself and give your all.


Do you want a complete sport? In rugby, for the physical as for the technique, take depth!

Among all the peculiarities that make the magic of rugby , you play with an oval ball! With the hand as with the foot, you must show an increased address to handle the inflate. The technical movements are numerous in attack as in defense and make progress your gestures, your balance and your dexterity .

It is also a sport where you work your power , especially in conquest. In attack, you work on sprints as well as explosiveness and support in small perimeters.

Skill, technique, balance, power, speed: your physique and your technique progress in depth.

For a long time stereotyped, to play with very heterogeneous physique, sport evolves and the physics of players too. Today, the practitioner approaches an athletic player capable of running as well as performing power actions.


In rugby, you need a heart to win ! Good thing, you improve your cardio.

At thirty on a sports field, you might think it feels cramped. And yet, rugby makes you run. When taking the ball, on raises, support after a breakthrough, you use the sprint and your acceleration skills .

On the placements and replacements you work your races and your endurance . And it continues: the physical efforts, particularly in the phases of conquest, request your respiratory and cardiovascular capacities .


The inflate is the nickname of the rugby ball. But it’s not just her! You work from all angles: your muscles are fully used .

Rugby is a sport where you go through races, contacts and ground runs. Your legs work as much on acceleration as they do on tackles and rucks. Defense and conquest work on your legs as well as your arms, shoulders and back. Obviously, your sheathing is used in all these gestures to transmit energy from the lower body to the top. Finally, the rhythm of rugby makes you progress in explosiveness as much as in muscular endurance .


In essence, the pass is the essential gesture of rugby. Always carried out towards the back, the pass is however not the most natural. The pass is worked very regularly, the player must repeat his scales in order to better master this gesture.

There are several types of passes that can be classified into two main categories. Those which relate to technical movements proper (twisting, to height, chistera, to the foot…), and those which relate to game situations or combinations (after contact, jump, cross…).


The position of the passer’s body determines the success of the pass. You must always have your shoulders oriented towards your teammate who will receive your pass. Your body must “screen” between the defender and the ball. So you protect the ball and point it in the right direction.

If you are in the scrum half position, your shoulder and foot should be in the direction of the receiver. For a left pass, it is therefore your left foot and your left shoulder. For a pass to the right, it’s the other way around.

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