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What is Prestashop One Page Supercheckout?

One Page Supercheckout provides users with a frictionless purchasing experience by displaying all transaction elements in a standard checkout process on a single page, including cart contents, shipping and billing information, delivery, and payment options!

With one of the leading causes of cart abandonment being complicated, lengthy checkouts, getting checkout right could be game-changing for your business!

How will Prestashop Quick checkout addon benefit my company?

  • Provides a simple, quick, and efficient transaction experience; for many customers, long and complex checkout processes are tiring, time-consuming, and confusing.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates; A longer, complicated checkout process is responsible for up to 30% of all cart abandonments.
  • Higher Conversion Rate; Simplifying the checkout process streamlines the overall process, leading to higher volumes of customers completing the process, resulting in a 36 percent growth in conversion rate.

A Checkout is one of the most significant steps for any eCommerce business because it is here that final decisions and sales are formed. That’s why online merchants should put their major focus and concern on providing a simple, streamlined checkout experience! With daily online sales increasing by 25%, providing a smooth, quick, and efficient checkout process has never been more important.

Prestashop one page supercheckout logo

Knowband Prestashop One Page Supercheckout must-have features

As a visitor, complete the purchase.

The Guest Checkout option is one of the best features that makes Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon a must-have. New consumers can complete purchases without registering with the company by using the guest checkout features.

Sign in using your informal communication record.

The following capabilities enable customers to sign in or register efficiently. They might use Prestashop’s One Page Supercheckout to sign in or register using social login options. Consider a Google, Facebook, or even other social media account.

Prestashop has a number of different payment options available.

If your customers prefer to pay using a specific method, he or she can do so. PayPal, PayU, and Braintree, for example, are some of the options. You should be able to help them if you want. Prestashop, in fact, provides a diverse range of installation options. 

A variety of shipping options are available.

The Responsive One Page Checkout Prestashop provides a number of options for shipping. Some of the models include Mondial Relay, So Colissimo, Ulozenka Delivery, Zasielkovn Delivery, LP Express 24 Delivery, and others.

inline validation for prestashop one page supercheckout by knowband

With Inline Validation, issues can be identified quickly.

Let’s say a client makes a mistake while filling out the data on the checkout page. The Prestashop One Page Checkout’s ongoing capabilities highlight the problem at the same time. Clients would want to fix it as a result.

The quantity of an item is updated.

Using the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout option, customers can easily change the quantity  of items on the checkout page. As a result, Prestashop’s One Page Supercheckout allows you to make a similar change on the checkout page.

Putting the finishing touches on the Google auto-address structure

When a client begins entering his address information, Google Auto-address fill offers address suggestions. When you select the proposed address, the postal district and city segment are automatically delivered.

Formats for different layouts

Knowband Prestashop One Page Supercheckout supports three different layout formats. Furthermore, the store owner may select the one that best fits the eCommerce company’s theme.

Integrators for MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo in One Page Supercheckout

The precise details of your clients are directly entered into your various records. Accounts like MailChimp, SendinBlue, or Klaviyo, for example. Additionally, when they use the Prestashop One-Step Checkout Addon.

Checkouts that have been abandoned can be found in this database.

The Responsive One-Page Checkout Prestashop also provides the entrepreneur with a very useful feature. They can also check conversion rates at the checkout. There are also abandoned checkouts, abandoned earnings, the number of orders placed, and the money earned from such transactions.

Report on Checkout Behavior

Right now, the administrator will need to know how many fields their clients have completed. It gives the manager a good idea of which stage of the checkout process the customers skipped and abandoned their shopping carts.

Knowband prestashop one page supercheckout demo view

The completed marker, with the anticipation of free shipment

In the most recent version of the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout, a free shipping progress indicator is available. Customers may also interpret the amount they need to add to their shopping in order to meet the bill with the anticipation of free delivery.

Creating new client profiles is a time-consuming process.

Aside from the previously mentioned features, the new edition now allows you to create recognizable client profiles. Using this ability, the administrator can characterize custom profile type fields on the checkout page.

Other PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout compatible modules include:

PrestaShop Store Locator is a module that allows you to find a store near you and pick up your order.

Prestashop store locator and pickup


As a store owner, it’s critical to inform your customers about your physical stores’ actual geolocation. Customers can use Knowband’s Store Locator and Pickup module to find and locate your stores near them.

Using the Store locator and Pickup addon, they can also place takeaway orders to have the product picked up from the store. The addon works well on mobile devices. The checkout experience will be enhanced with this addition to your store.

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart is the second module.

Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons by knowband

According to studies, nearly 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts on eCommerce sites. Abandoning the checkout page is a very common occurrence.

You can identify abandoned carts on your online store with the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module and recover them by sending tailored follow-up emails. In the reminder emails, you can also highlight your exclusive discounts. It encourages customers to return to your store and finish their purchases.

Product Availability check by zipcode:

Product Availability Check By Zipcode - Prestashop Addons by knowband

Customers can become irritated at times! For example, they may begin purchasing an item only to discover later during checkout that the item is not available in their area. It’s upsetting. Right? As a result, your online business’s customer retention rate is low.

It’s simple to allow your customers to check if a product is available in a specific location with the Product Availability Check by Zipcode module. Entering the zip code will do the trick. You can also include a search box on the product page so that customers can check the availability of a product before adding it to their cart.


PrestaShop Mobile Login is the fourth module.

Mobile Login - Prestashop Addons by knowband

Registrations with fake email addresses occur on your website as an eCommerce store owner. You can allow your store visitors to register using their mobile numbers with SMS OTP verification using the PrestaShop Mobile Login module and also also allow users to register without providing an email address.

You can also use this add-on to create a secure registration and login process for your PrestaShop store.


PrestaShop Google reCaptcha module

Google ReCaptcha - Prestashop Addons by knowband

Spam registrations and spambots can be dangerous to your website because they can steal or delete data.

You can protect your website from spam with Knowband’s Google reCaptcha module. Implement Google reCaptcha on various pages of your website, such as the registration, login, contact, and forgot password pages, as well as the checkout page. You can prevent spambots and drive quality traffic to your website with the PrestaShop Google reCaptcha module. PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout is compatible with this module.


As a result of this vast number of features, the Prestashop One Page Supercheckout by Knowband is an unquestionable necessity. Furthermore, there are numerous advantages to implementing the plugin in your store. What are your thoughts on the addon? Have you got any questions about the module? Please notify us at


Knowband is a PrestaShop Premium Partner and Superhero seller with a team of skilled and experienced developers working on PrestaShop Modules since 2012. We provide more than 100 PrestaShop modules for all your eCommerce needs to build an awesome website, improve checkout, integrate your online store with top Marketplaces and develop Mobile App. We have a motivated and efficient customer service team that provides prompt and satisfactory help.

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