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What Is Object Detection in Deep Learning?

While many science fiction movies speculate about the future outcomes of artificial intelligence (AI), many fields currently use this technology. AI allows deep learning computation, which helps with many abilities, including object detection.

Object detection in deep learning will drive other technologies forward for our future. Read on to learn more about it!

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning opens up machines to certain types of knowledge. Normal computers simply read codes and spit out data.

This technology creates artificial intelligence with structures modeled on the human brain. It advances machines from computing to thinking through artificial neural pathways. This allows machines to work with less human intervention.

Object Detection in Deep Learning

Think of the game “Where’s Waldo”. A machine discriminates between an item and the bigger picture, just as our brain uses object recognition to pull Waldo out of a detailed picture.

The computer would draw a square around our guy to point him out. It could also track and actually label him if Waldo decided to wander around. Like us, it does this with the ability to also distinguish other items in the picture or video.

How Object Detection Software Works

An encoder inputs an image and learns to pull out statistical features that help it locate and label specific objects. The encoder outputs this information to the decoder, which then decides where to place the collision box for showing the location along with the object’s label.

Uses of Object Detection Models

You can quite capably find Waldo without expensive technology. But, the world does need object detection for other things. The uses of object detection models range from convenience to survival.

Driving Technology

Self-driving cars need to navigate constantly changing roadways. You can program roadways, street signs, and other static objects with a mapping system.

But what about things a map cannot foresee, like a dog running across the road? This technology allows the car to ‘think’ through these situations and respond appropriately.

Surveying Public Spaces

Object detection provides invaluable insight for security purposes. It more accurately detects what people are doing.

This may stop somebody from stealing and help prevent violent acts. It can also allow a business to crowd count and track employee performance.

Health Care

Different types of body scans search for abnormalities. Doctors must take time to search for something that looks off.

Sometimes, they do not even know exactly what they are looking for. They only know to look for an abnormality that might be there, and this change may be very difficult to detect.

This technology can quickly pinpoint something off in the body. This could help detect everything from broken bones to cancerous growths.

Embrace Technological Advancements

Object detection in deep learning may create incredible advancements and save lives. Embrace this forward-thinking future!

Scientists discover new ways to move the world forward every single day, and we want to keep you in the know! Continue learning through our technology page.

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