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What is Knowband’s Prestashop Store Locator Addon all about?

The Prestashop Store Locator Addon is a feature-rich plugin that makes offering in-store pick up a piece of cake. The eCommerce shop manager can use Google Maps to display many locations on the site. Buyers may also use the store locator site to look up information about stores. Additionally, specify a location where they may pick up their orders. Clients may, in fact, purchase products online and actually avoid paying shipping charges by doing so. As a result, an eCommerce shop owner might put a store location using the Prestashop Store Locator Module on several websites. The homepage, checkout page, and header panel, for instance.

Both consumers and the store owners appreciate the Prestashop store locator addon capabilities. The business owner may quickly install and configure this Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin. Online customers can review store details using the back-end. Title, location, telephone number, company photo, and shift patterns, for example. Shoppers will have a better shopping experience as a result. Also, see whether the online store merchant offers in-store pickup.

This blog will light on the Prestashop store locator addon and its different segments.

Advantages of Knowband’s Prestashop store pickup module

  • The shop admin may activate in-store pick-up capabilities without changing any scripts in the admin interface.
  • The Prestashop pick-up module allows customers to easily locate a store.
  • Consumers may easily get data from the shop. With the Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup plugin, you can also choose a store for in-store pickup. In addition, it is multilingual compliant.
  • Installing and configuring this Prestashop store pick up the plugin is a breeze.
  • Customers are not compelled to wait for their order or pay for shipping.
  • The user interface for the Prestashop Store Locator Addon is straightforward. As a result, both the administrator and the users are at ease when viewing the material.
  • The store locator can display on the homepage as well as the checkout page, depending on the options selected.

Additional benefits of the Prestashop in-store pickup addon by Knowband

Boost the right traffic to your shop

The shoppers these days are smart. Why? They make sure to add up the expenses before doing anything. In addition, internet shoppers look for businesses near them to visit. A Prestashop Store locator on your website will allow people to identify the closest store to their location, whether they’re purchasing on your website or looking for your brand name online. This way the clients will receive the finest customer experiences by buying the goods online and picking them up physically. bahis siteleri

In a timely fashion, provide customers with positive outcomes

This is a simple trick. Here, they like to pick up what they order rather than pay for the delivery. Thus, get it delivered. The Google Maps integration shows the stores that are close to the client site. As a result, using the Prestashop store pickup module, the consumer may easily go out and collect the merchandise.

Improve your ‘buy online, pick up in store’ strategy

Purchase online, pick up in-store is an increasingly common cross-selling strategy. In fact, when the shoppers buy your products, they know that what they are buying is in stock. As a result, individuals might avoid searching for what they require. They may also get up at their convenience rather than waiting for shipping. PrestaShop can increase sales by showing clients the next open area. Additionally, it is a valuable thing for online and offline businesses.

Increase your website market analysis

Consumer information gathered from online store visits helps you gain a better understanding of your customer base. Learn where your consumers are coming from to get to the store finder, and which real businesses are being visited the most. Furthermore, whether or not clients that utilize the Prestashop end up making an online purchase.

Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin highlights

  1. The business owner can activate the shop locator and gain utility by flicking a switch.
  2. A photo is usable as a Google map marker by the e-merchant. Modify the zoom level of the pointer as well. The administrator can also show business cards using the Prestashop in-store pickup extension.
  3. By setting a perimeter in kilometres or miles, the consumer may explore the store.
  4. The store administrator can choose to show the store locator on the landing page in the Prestashop Store Locator Addon.
  5. The shop manager has the ability to add many locations on the Google map. Also, put them on exhibit. Furthermore, the administrator can choose the default storage.
  6. Customers may look over the store bearings by using the online dealer’s “Get Directions” tool.
  7. You may input the URL of your company in the Google Maps retail stores using the Prestashop store pickup module. Customers can observe how the site relates to the store’s specifics on a Google map.
  8. The online retailer can also provide a photograph of the store in addition to the real store list.
  9. Administrators can specify national limits by activating this element using the Prestashop in-store pickup addon administrator interface.
  10. You can pick the best prominent picture to exhibit on the store locator page. In fact, you can do it with the Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Module.

In the End

This is accomplished using the Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Module, which does not need any programming changes. To suit their needs, the shop administrator merely needs to encourage the store finder function. In addition, set up this Prestashop in-store pickup addon. The Prestashop Store Locator module contains a range of languages and works with numerous stores. Consumers who order things online may quickly pick them up at the shop of their choosing. Customers may use their smartphones to access the store finder because the Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup plugin are mobile-friendly.

You can reach out to us at with all your queries, doubts, and suggestions. In fact, at the Knowband website, you can go through the User Manual and all the steps for installing the plugin. Moreover, it is a detailed document of everything you want to know about the setup. Further, you can also give the module a try using the intuitive Admin Demo and Front Demo.

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