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What Is Grout Staining? A Brief Guide

Did you know that more than 50% of homes were built before 1980 in the United States?

Older homes are wonderful for homebuyers, however, they aren’t always in the best condition.

Whether you are moving or already done, a small project that can improve your home involves grout.

Keep reading to learn about what grout staining is and how it can transform your living space!

What Is Grout Staining?

If you have tile floors or backsplashes, you can update their look with a new color.

Grout is the cement-like mixture between each tile that helps hold everything together. If the grout isn’t cracking or needs replacement, but looks dirty, there are solutions. You can stain the color or the grout for a fresh look and new style.

Most grout is white or light gray, making it easy to change the color. Grout staining is a small home improvement project that can increase your home’s appearance.

You can learn how to change the grout color below.

Gather Your Supplies

Whether you want to recolor your tiles or not, you need to pick what color the grout will be.

You can sample several colors ahead of time if you aren’t sure which will look best with your tiles. Try to look for a color that is lighter or darker than the tiles so that they don’t blend in. Tan, beige, and gray are popular choices people choose from.

To paint grout, you’ll also need soft-bristle brushes, like a toothbrush. Non-abrasive cloths can also help you create smooth finishes and assist with cleaning. Safety equipment such as goggles and gloves is also recommended.

Clean the Grout

If you want an efficient grout cleaner, Travertine cleaning and sealing is a great choice.

As long as you have ventilation in the room, spray the grout with a cleaner that has bleach. Use the soft-bristle brush to scrub the cleaner in the grout. The scrubbing is necessary since the grout is porous and will try to absorb the liquid.

If there are stubborn stains on your grout, a magic eraser might be able to get them out. Let the grout dry before proceeding.

Apply the Stain

Now that the grout is clean, you can use the toothbrush to apply the new stain.

Carefully dip your brush into the bottle of stain and don’t leave too much on the bristles. The stain will need to quickly get spread before it dries on the grout. Work in small sections at a time to prevent dripping or uneven coloring.

When the stain is fully dried, you can use a damp rag to wipe off excess coloring. Make sure you keep the rag clean throughout this process so that you don’t spread the stain across the tiles.

Grout Staining Can Enhance Your Home

It’s easy to get discouraged by an ugly backsplash in the kitchen, but before your rip it out, you should consider other options.

Changing the grout staining can improve the backsplash or tile’s appearance and also save you a lot of money. With a simple color change, you can make the tiles stand out and incorporate your personality into the house.

Be sure to read our blog for more information about home improvement projects and how to update features!

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