What is Gb WhatsApp step by Step Guide

Are you a social media freak? Are you interested to learn more about the latest versions of apps? If yes then read this article till need to know more about What is GB Whatsapp its uses and features.

Along with the same, click here to get more information about FM Whatsapp which is a modified version of the original Whatsapp. The latest version of FM Whatsapp is 14.09 with a size of 52.02MB.

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What is GB Whatsapp

Tighten your belt to get started with What is GB Whatsapp and its accessibility. How one can download it and what benefit one can get from it without any delay. Just a click and all the properties can be changed in a fraction of a second as per your choice. This comes with a customization setting and applicable easily.

What makes it interesting is that it is user-friendly and gives the best out of it to the user.

Full-Form of GB Whatsapp

Gigabyte Whatsapp is termed GB Whatsapp. It is the alternate version of the standard version. It works similar to the original Whatsapp with some extra features and storage.

How to download GB Whatsapp

Search GB Whataspp 2021 in Goggle and click on it

  • Let it get downloaded
  • There is an option of ‘Files’ click on it
  • APK file is on the screen
  • Install the APK file and accept the terms and condition
  • You have given all the permission to access it
  • Write the correct contact number for verification
  • Restore all the details in this from the original WhatsApp
  • Mention the name of what you want to be displayed
  • You can put your profile picture if interested
  • Once you are done with all these your accounts is ready to access

Use of GB Whatsapp

Like the standard one, the alternative version has its own uses. You can share files and images of your choice with your friends and family member. You can interact with people virtually through video calls like original Whatsapp. The files can be transferred in one go and will make your work easy and worthwhile.


It cannot ban its user account like the standard Whatsapp can do

  • Android Phones are required to use GB Whatsapp
  • You can block or unblock people of your choice in case you are troubled by them
  • Few calls or messages can also be ignored using this app in case you are facing problem out of it
  • The last seen of the user can be hidden just by clicking on the privacy option
  • The color of the tick changes as per the user’s access. You can make the double tick invisible. The ticked pattern is easy to customize as of users choice
  • The standard Whatsapp does not provide access to such facilities and is different from the modified version.
  • The only difference is that whatever changes you do will apply to both sides in normal Whatsapp and in the case of GB Whatsapp You can enjoy the one side changes.

Fun Facts about GB Whatsapp

As it has the facility to display profile picture of the people in your contact you can zoom the display picture to your choice

  1. The user can share 100MB Audio and 30MB video in one go without any restriction of the option of breaking the file
  2. The most entertaining part is that you can copy anyone’s status and put it in your status without asking them simply by copy and download format
  3. 90 images can be sent to anyone at one go through GB Whatsapp
  4. You can filter the messages of your choice to ignore the unnecessary text or chat
  5. You don’t have to download each media. For this, an automatic option to download is available that will consume your timeless
  6. If you do not want to get disturbed by anyone or through any messages the user can click on the Do Not Disturb option to escape from the hindrance.
  7. Font of the text can be changed as per the user demand or choice. In short, you can customize the font style to make it more impressive and eye-catching
  8. Even the themes of the GB Whatsapp can be customized. the user can send the emojis which are pre-installed in the app
  9. The screen can also be customized in case you miss a call it will be displayed as per the selected customized option
  10. The technology has updated to the extent that you can share your live location with your known people or people in help for an easy ride without taking any wrong path. This helps in saving time and be on the spot at the right time

Other Features

  • You can revoke the messages and can also check the history
  • The Broadcast messages can be sent at one go
  • This is not an official app. Though it may come with a lot of updated features still the data and its usability are not safe.
  • They have no privacy of the user data
  • It is not authorized by any owner

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GB Whatsapp is the modified version of the original one with similar features with some add-on in the app. You might have explored the article and collected all the information regarding What is GB Whatsapp.  It is recommended not to use this app much as this app is not secured and deals with some privacy threats. No one would like their personal data to be out for any of reason.

It would be nice to hear from you in near future regarding the details of some other topic till you get tuned with us and read our content as much as possible.

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