What is College Board CLEP Exams and How to Pass them

What is the CLEP Exam?

A College-Level Education Program CLEP Exam is introduced to obtained College Course accreditation. This is the cheapest way to achieve college more cheaply. It is a set of exams governed by the College Board.


CLEP exams judge your ability in a variety of subjects most colleges and universities will provide you accreditation towards your degree for every CLEP test you pass. It will be contingent on your college and major subject. Thus CLEP exam saves both our cost and time.

What is the CLEP US History Exam?

The CLEP US history exam is divided into two exams 1 history of the United States I from early colonialization to 1877. This exam deals with the period from early colonialization to 1877.

This syllabus is taught in the first semesters of a two-semester course of united history. The majority of questions in this exam comprises of the 1790 to 1877 era. The main focus of the portion which deals with the 17th and 18th century is on English colonies. Very few questions are from the Americas before the 1500 era.

The history of the united states-2 is From 1865 to the present. This exam deals With the period from the end of the civil war to the present. In this exam, most of the questions are from the 20th-century era. Both US history 1 and 2 exams comprise almost 120 questions and the time allowed is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes). Some questions are preliminary questions that do not give any marks. The time which students spend on providing their basic information is an extra time to test time.

Following Skills to Pass these CLEP Exams:

  • Recognize and recount historical events.
  • Evaluate and explain historical events.
  • Compare and collate historical events.
  • 30% are from social growth.
  • 10% are from economic growth.
  • 20% are taken from ethnic and cognitive growth.
  • 10% are from diplomacy and international relations.

How to Pass the CLEP US History I & II Exam

While choosing the textbooks check that the contents of that particular book matches with your syllabus outline or not. Besides this, you can practice your CLEP us history exam 1 and 2 exams from the past papers or mock exams of CLEP 4 Sure.

They provide the practice exam material for US History 1 and US History 2 Exam. you can also try the CLEP U.S history 1 Exam Workbook and CLEP U.S history 2 Exam Workbook to prepare the history of the united states Exams. Keeping in view the need for practice exam questions, CLEP 4 Sure has developed practice exam workbooks for both histories of the united states- I and the history of the United States 2 exams.

These exam workbooks contain questions similar to actual exam questions.  If you prepare your exams with the practice exam workbooks by CLEP 4 Sure, you will not fail your exam because they give a full passing guarantee means that after doing complete preparation if you fail to qualify among any of these 2 exams CLEP 4 Sure will give you a 100% refund but the condition is that you have to purchase these practice exam questions 7 days before your actual exam.

This condition will apply to both the CLEP history of United States I and the CLEP history of United States 2 exams. Also, these CLEP Exam materials are helpful for clep students to gain good clep scores in different clep exams.

As we all know there are 34 different clep exams. And We can’t pass these exams only by reading the college board books. We required some sort of Guides and practice exam which can help us to fully prepare for the college-level exams.

After that, they’re eligible to write an accurate guide on different clep exams. So the student can easily understand and get the finest copy of their required exams. provides 3 different Exam Formats to their Students. They have PDF Version, Exam Simulator Version, and Test Engine Version. This would allow the students to Easy Understand the Exam Pattern and Prepare for their Exam by practicing the Exam with the Real Exam Test.

We Provide the Real CLEP Exam Experience to the students with our practice exam Simulator and Test Engine. Our CLEP Exam Simulator Allow Students to Practice the Exam. They also suggest recommendations to students which they can follow to improve their preparation. Also, We have Series of Different CLEP Exams which students can take according to their Subject requirements. Because we provide the real exam experience in all our clep exams.

No amount of testing tips can replace the need to study for your exam. Even if you feel comfortable with the content, brushing up on key terms and concepts never hurts anyone. To save time, focus on using materials specifically designed for CLEP US exam preparation.

Sure, a Good textbook will cover relevant content for the History of the United States, but it’s prone to cover too many concepts. Furthermore, textbooks have a way of delving into nitty-gritty details. Since a CLEP exam covers an entire college-level course, you don’t need to know the formula for determining currency appreciation. Rather, understanding the general concept will be sufficient for the United States History CLEP exam. A good CLEP US Exam Study Guide cuts through the fluff to teach you what you really need to know. A good study guide cuts through the fluff to teach you what you really need to know.

Practice tests help you identify the gaps in your knowledge. If you have been studying for the Biology CLEP exam, then you likely have an understanding of the cell. Taking a practice test will show that you don’t know the function of mitochondria. Immediately, you can hone in your studying to focus on that gap in your knowledge. To Take the Valid  Practice Tests you can head to CLEP 4 Sure and take your required Exam from our 34 different exam collections. They will help you to pass the exam without too much hard work and knowledge. This will also help you prepare the Syllabus in less time period. Because the Simulator is Designed in a such way for those students who missed their syllabus in College Classes.

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