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What is Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path Service is a specialized work operation for product photos to use in eCommerce. The editing opens up various options for additional enhancements, modifications, and changes. Today, eCommerce websites ask for product images without a background or on a solid color.

The concept is truly effective for a distraction-free photo presentation that catches clients’ eyes. Well, as the editing is quite popular and the most used one, you need to do further enhancements also. But, this basic work is still superior because of its unique characteristics. Later, you can do retouching, shadow addition, effect addition, and any other editing you may need.

The Definition of Clipping Path

The name Clipping Path is renowned in the photo editing industry. But, the definition can clarify the name a little more. The path creation is based on anchor points and line drawing by Photoshop Pen Tool. The path starts from one anchor point, travels all over the subject edge by several anchor points, and ends up at the starting one. So, the outlined path created following the anchor points and lines to mark the subject by the edge is Clipping Path.

Categories of Clipping Path Services?

Image Clipping Path Service category is different by conditions. You may need the Clipping Path only without a shadow. Or, with a shadow but no further editing. Or, path, shadow, further editing, and more. So, we have categorized the path with some basic types;

  1. Based on the difficulty level
  2. Shadow after clipping
  3. Further photo editing for clipping

Clipping Based On The Difficulty Level

Most Clipping Path Service provider company categorizes it by the difficulty level of the photo subject. According to that, the classifications are as below;

  • Basic Clipping
  • Simple Clipping
  • Medium Clipping
  • Complex Clipping
  • Super Complex Clipping
  • Clipping by Photoshop AI

Basic Clipping

Photo subjects that are with basic shapes such as straight lines and few anchor points are for Basic Clipping. No hard path creation is necessary and takes less time to operate. The cost is also the lowest of all categories.

Simple Clipping

Simple Clipping applies for the subjects that are with straight lines, curves, and anchor points. Still, the subject handling is not too difficult and does not take enough time. The cost is a little higher than the previous one.

Medium Clipping

Moving on to the next difficulty level where holes come with lines, curves, and anchor points. Due to the complexity, the handling may take a little more time than the previous one. Also, the cost will be a bit more.

Complex Clipping

Holes, embedded transparencies, curves, and anchor points come all together in Complex Clipping. This kind of subjects handling requires much time and expertise level. The cost is higher and can be evaluated considering the image complexity.

Super Complex Clipping

Photo subjects with highly critical edges, anchor points, curves, lines, and transparencies are for Super Complex Clipping. Sorting out the best clipping path operation is good with this kind. Well, you cannot have any free trial for this category but still, have revision facilities.

Clipping by Photoshop AI

Photoshop CC2018 and higher versions allow you to use artificial intelligence to select a subject. The path creation is possible according to the selection by the ‘Make a work path’ option. Well, this is only a solution where Clipping Path creation is nearly impossible or takes hours to create. The cost is lower as the path may not be as perfect as other categories. But, it really saves the day in some awkward situations.

Clipping with shadow

The addition of a shadow after clipping can bring back a natural look to a subject. And, it is quite convenient after subject isolation from the original photo. Service providers often do this free of cost on Drop Shadow. As for other shadows, the cost will depend on the shadow category and complexity. However, for product presentation, the Drop Shadow addition is good enough for eCommerce websites.

Clipping with further photo editing

You may need further editing after the path creation in images. Well, the Clipping Path Service reviews do not evaluate them but additional editing to the point can enhance the subject. In fact, you need to do additional editing to improve the image expression a bit more. One of the mentionable editing methods is Image Retouching that polishes the subject. The Color Correction Service becomes important often. And, the effect addition is an extra depending on the product presentation with a theme.

The necessity of Clipping Path Services

The necessity of Clipping Path Services is huge in marketing both online and offline. Product presentation without any distraction comes first. And, a good presentation can draw more clients to the company. Better editing can compete with other products in the market. Also, there are other advantages that are difficult to explain in short. Behind all these, the best clipping path service provider with professional works can help you in an efficient way.


The ongoing demand makes the service mandatory for image presentation. Whether it is a product of a person, the method is useful to perform with the most accurate subject isolation. Well, you need to take the job done by professionals for the best Clipping Path Service. Also, you should be technical to select the exact category that can fulfill your demand. Renowned Clipping Path Service providing company Clipping World can assist you with the category selection. Also, you can have the service at a low cost comparing others with the same working operation. One thing is mentionable, “Never compromise with the quality and you can have the best result”.


What is the purpose of the Clipping Path?

Ans: The main purpose of Clipping Path is to make a perfect selection of a subject from a photo. The subjects with hard edges are convenient because the path creation comes from line drawing by Photoshop Pen Tool.

How do I choose the best Clipping Path Service provider?

Ans: You need to be technical to choose the best provider for the service. Well, you can save your labor by trying a professional Clipping Path Service provider for free.

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