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What is Clipping Path Service in Photoshop?

The Clipping Path Service is a special operation for product photos to be used in e-commerce. Editing opens up various possibilities for further improvements, modifications, and changes. Today, e-commerce websites require product images with a solid background or pure white background color.

This concept is especially effective for unobtrusive photo presentations that will grab the attention of customers. Since editing is so popular and used the most, there are other improvements you need to make. But this basic work is even better because of its unique nature. Later you can refine, add shadows, add effects, and make any other edits you need.

Clipping Path Definition

The name Clipping Path is very well known in the image editing industry. But the definition might make the name a little clearer. Create paths based on anchor points and draw lines with Photoshop’s pen tool. The path begins at the pivot point, crosses the entire edge of the fence with several pivot points, and ends at the starting point. So the demarcation path created after the reference point and the line to mark the object at the edge is a clipping path.

Category of route clipping path service?

Image clipping path service categories vary depending on conditions. You may just need a clipping path without a shadow or with shadow, but without additional processing. Or paths, shadows, additional edits, etc. So we’ve categorized a few basic types;

  1. Based on the difficulty level
  2. Shadow after clipping
  3. Further photo editing for clipping

Clipping Based On The Difficulty Level

Most Clipping Path Service provider company categorizes it by the difficulty level of the photo subject. According to that, the classifications are as below;

Most of the Clipping Path Service Providers categorized their difficulty level of the photo’s subject. The classifications are as below;

  1. Basic Clipping Path
  2. Medium Clipping Path
  3. Complex Clipping Path
  4. Advance Clipping Path

Basic clipping path

Photo objects with basic shapes such as straight lines and several anchor points are used to make cropping easier. There is no need to build a difficult clipping path and the work takes less time. The price is also the cheapest of all basic clipping path categories.

Medium Clipping Path

Move on to the next level of difficulty, where holes are equipped with lines, curves, and pivot points. Due to its complexity, processing can take a little longer than before. In addition, the price will be slightly higher.

Complex Clipping Path

Photos with highly critical edges, anchors, curves, lines, and transparencies are great for very complex cuts. With this type, it’s a good idea to set the best cutting process. You can’t try this category for free, but you still have the option of revision.

Advance Clipping Path

Photo objects with highly critical edges, anchors, curves, lines, and transparencies are great for very complex cuts. With this person, it is worth arranging the best clipping path operation. You can’t try this category for free, but you still have the option of revision.

Shadow clipping

Adding shadows after cropping can restore the natural look of the subject. And it’s very convenient after isolating the object from the original photo. Service providers often do this for free on Drop Shadow. For other shadows, the price depends on the category and complexity of the shade. However, for product presentations, the Drop Shadow add-on is good enough for e-commerce websites.

Cropping with additional image processing

Additional editing may be required after creating the paths in the image. Well, the Clipping Path review didn’t rate them, but further editing to the point could improve the subject. In fact, you will need to make some additional edits to improve the way the image is printed. One of the editing methods mentioned is image retouching which polishes the subject. Color correction services are often essential. And the addition of effects comes with the theme depending on the presentation of the product.

Need for clipping path service

The need for clipping path services is huge in both online and offline marketing. Uninterrupted product presentation comes first. And a good presentation can attract more customers to the company. Better machining can compete with other products in the market. In addition, there are other advantages that are difficult to explain briefly. Behind this, the best professional clipping path service provider is at your side effectively.

Every e-commerce sector, every advertising company, every digital marketing platform, every modeling company, every photo institute needs the best cropping services. And this is to give your images a professional look and also to stand out from the competition.

People who deal with product photos really need this service. We have worked with individuals as well as companies, fashion houses, etc. Trace trimming services are essential on online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Flipkart, and others. And this website has its own rules for uploading products or image mockups to their website. Moreover, the rules were so strict that it was inevitable.


It’s time to learn the role of clipping path services in e-commerce. Well, there are several things that we cover from the service. All activities aim to stimulate sales in the online marketplace. In addition, through the operation, the image comes out clean and perfect and for offline images. So you need to choose the best company or person, service provider, to pave the way to better success for your business or personal.

The ongoing search makes the image submission service mandatory. Regardless of whether it is a human product, this method is useful for performing the most accurate object isolation. Well, you have to do a professional job to get the best road clipping path service. Also, you need to be tech-savvy to choose the right category that fits your search. Wiz Cut Out Pro, which provides the Clipping Path service, can help you choose a category. In addition, you can take advantage of the service at a cheaper price compared to others with the same working process. One thing to say is: “Don’t compromise on quality and you can get the best results.”

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