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What is Business Coaching? Why does it really matter?

When we take a look around history, we will come to know that those who work hard, success. If you want perfection in your work, you should learn about everything before you start. It is not possible to be a master of everything, we all need guidance to be a master of a certain field. And to get assistance, we need an experienced and professional person in that relevant field. The person who provides guidance to get success is a coach.

A coach is a person who provides proper directions to achieve the desired potential and helps to improve your performance in order to get better results. And the process of guidance by the coach to support an inexperienced person is coaching.

Coaching is a complete process to guide someone inexperienced in the relevant field. But how does a coach precede his services to assist his clients? An experienced coach firstly analyzes the progress of his client’s work. After analyzing the details of their progress, he helps his clients to set goals.

The next step is to develop the plan and pathway to achieve that goal. And the final step of this coaching process is to implement the plans. A coach identifies the aim of his client, establishes a suitable pathway to achieve the goal, and helps to improve performance. In the specific field, a specific coach gives the proper direction to make progress in that field.

Business coaches are responsible for creating ownership.

Accountability is a critical element of corporate coaching. For their teams, you never will see a soccer coach running field laps. The same thing applies to a company coach. A company coach is not an advisor. In your business, you will not do the job for you. You must focus on the final outcome and remember why it is important. You will be motivated to fulfil your obligations. They act as a sounding board to emphasize your business and personal blind points when necessary. They hold a mirror in front of you.

It tracks objectives with the creation of key KPIs, which make the journey to them very transparent. The trainer is there to monitor and measure progress to be prevented if someone is alone. If the journey is transparent, it is very accountable to the person in charge.

Many big small business owners partly believe they have a great coach for their success stories. By combining the power of a corporate council (which serves as your corporate ideas and challenges board) and a business coach to help you implement ideas and strategies that are supported by every monthly meeting.

Why do we need a coach for business?

If you want to establish a business, you have to work hard. If you are passionate and determined to hit your target, you will get success. Either establishing a new business, improving an already one needs struggle and hard work. No one knows each and every detail but a coach of a certain field knows almost everything about his field. Business coaching is now becoming an integral part of business development. Almost all business executives hire a business coach to make progress. A business coach plays an important role in a business establishment. Some major roles of a business coach include:

  • A business coach guides his client in making strategies to improve their business performance.
  • He also helps his client to set and understand the beneficial goals.
  • A business coach keeps his clients motivated to hit their desired targets.
  • He helps his clients to identify their weaknesses and strengths and helps them to utilize the skills for business improvement.
  • He also assists his clients to clarify their vision & navigate all difficulties in business.
  • Business coaches encourage their clients to develop different training programs to run a business smoothly.
  • He guides his client to set beneficial and constructive goals regarding the business.
  • A business coach helps his clients to clarify their vision about their business goals. He works with his client to turn his vision into reality.

Business Coach vs. Business Expert

  • A business coach guides his clients in running business smoothly while a business expert provides expert advice to his clients regarding the business.
  • A coach helps his clients to clarify his vision about his targeted goals while a business expert helps his client to monetize his knowledge through different strategies.
  • He helps a business executive to challenge his strengths to grow his business while a business expert helps his client to create a work-life balance by managing the professional life.

Some prominent name in the field of business coaching

In Pakistan, usually, business coaching is limited to multinational companies, but certain organizations provide business coaching services. Some business coaches work individually and provide their services to business executives to help them in a growing business.

  • Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan Business strategist is among the prominent names of business experts and business coaches. He is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the CEO of a top Canadian marketing company. Fahad Khan guides his clients to develop their business and to enhance their performance. He helps the new business executives to create new business. Fahad Khan helps his clients to establish new business skills to grow their business.

  • Bakhtiar Khawaja

Bakhtiar Khawaja is a business coach and a keynote speaker. He gives his professional expertise to his clients to create an established business.

  • Azhar Rizvi

He is the trainer, entrepreneur coach, and mentor. Azhar is working with his team to guide his clients in developing business and to increase business performance.

Some business coaches to hire in Pakistan are Maria, Khushbakht, Shayan, and many others, who work to give consultancy to business owners.


Coaching is important to make your dreams come true. A coach guides his client to know all details that are helpful in achieving our desired goals. In business, coaching helps to create and establish a stable business.

Proactive business owners try to understand why it is important for them to personally achieve their business growth goals and their impact on their lives. A company owner determines the speed & passion at which the goal is achieved (if ever). There is no strong reason why it is critical to attain that business objective if it is not linked to the personal dreams, goals or plans of the business owner.

After clarification of the location of a business owner, business coaching will help to plan and priorities the objectives and strategies needed to help make the company more successful.

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