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What Is ASMR and How Can It Be Used in Marketing?

Did you know that according to the New York Times, YouTubers post almost 200 ASMR videos a day? This phenomenon started in 2007 on YouTube and quickly grew in popularity.

Short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, people are becoming experts at triggering tingling or pleasant sensations for listeners based on the sounds they’re able to create.

If this sounds like a niche community, you’re wrong–even large companies are using these techniques today in order to garner more interest in their brands.

Read on as we answer the question, “What is ASMR?” as well as how it’s being used today for marketing purposes!

What is ASMR?

You can find an ASMR video easily on YouTube–you just have to listen. Whispering, rustling, and crackling sounds will give you a tingling, pleasurable sensations in your scalp and even down your neck and spine if they successfully trigger your sensory response.

These videos are usually relaxing. Some have themes such as being at the hairdressers, where content creators will create sounds similar to scalp massage or cutting hair. Others will choose to speak quietly and gently into a mic.

Others may choose to make kissing sounds, eating food, or even crinkling paper. As you can see, the videos can differ greatly, but the ASMR meaning remains the same. You can read about the meaning of ASMR more at this link.

Why is ASMR Popular?

Now that you know about the ASMR definition, why is it so popular? The easy answer is that it’s pleasurable and relaxing. Users may choose to listen to the videos while they’re about to go to sleep or unwinding from a long day.

People who struggle with insomnia may also find ASMR videos especially helpful. They give people a sound to focus on while simultaneously soothing them to sleep. Some people may also find that is soothes depression, stress, and even chronic pain, though all of the evidence is anecdotal.

According to studies in 2018, researchers found that people experienced positive emotional states while listening to ASMR videos, though this was only if they experienced ASMR. With all of these positive experiences, you can see why even expert marketers would latch on to this trend to benefit big brands.

Using ASMR in Marketing

ASMR is now becoming more popular in marketing campaigns because of all the positive associations with it. People may have even more pleasant sensations if they recognize celebrities or elite athletes that are doing it.

If that final one sounds bizarre, then you definitely in all probability ­havecacan’t skilled autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR. For some, issues like fluttering fingers and comfortable voices can set offmind tingles,” a pleasurable scalp prickling that cascades soothingly down the physique.

But different viewers reply negatively to the identical cues. Their revulsion is the result of a psychiatric situation known as misophonia, by which issues like chewing and lip-smacking incite a fight-or-flight response. By some estimates, it impacts about 20 p.c of the inhabitants, some so severely they will even work or socialize. (We don’t but know the way many individuals expertise ASMR.)

Here are a few more reasons why ASMR is being used as a marketing tool today:

Positive Associations

You’ll notice that in commercials or online ads featuring ASMR, the product usually takes front and center. For instance, an Ikea ad recently showcased the sound of pillowcases and duvets as the actor ran her hands over the sheets.

Not only does this give people at home a tactile experience of the product, but the calming and soothing sensations that follow come associated with that particular product.

Memorable Experiences

One of the main issues marketers face is creating memorable advertisements or content. People now more than ever are seeking genuine and transparent experiences with their brands. We’ll mute the television if we see ad advertisement, tune it out, or even look for another source of entertainment.

With this in mind, it’s important for marketers to create memorable experiences that people are less prone to shut off. With the added sensations of ASMR, these commercials stand out because they’re far quieter.

Brands can differentiate themselves from competitors by creating these tactile ads.

Showcase the Product

Last but not least, ASMR is now being used in order to showcase products in desirable ways. You’ll find that many Coke or soda commercials will use a minimalist background and focus on the soda can itself.

The commercial is all about sound and visuals–you’ll hear the pop of the can opening, listen to the satisfying sizzle of the carbonation, and watch the liquid poured into a glass. Michelob Ultra did a similar commercial during the 2019 NFL Championship.

The goal is to make people feel as if the product is already in their hands. Since it’s such a tangible and seemingly realistic experience, they’ll begin craving that gulp of soda or beer.

ASMR Marketing for Small Businesses

It’s important to keep in mind that small businesses can also utilize ASMR in their marketing. Instagram has now made it known that it’s no longer a photo-dominant platform–it now emphasizes this use of video and Reels.

With this in mind, small businesses can create short, fun clips showcasing their goods or services through ASMR. The same is true when using TikTok.

Even better, these social media channels can usually attract a younger demographic that’s already familiar with ASMR. This can open up new opportunities and make a completely new demographic interested in their business.

ASMR for Marketing Today

Since the early 2000s, ASMR has been an intriguing phenomenon on YouTube. People now enjoy ASMR videos in order to unwind after a long day, fall asleep when they have anxious thoughts, or to relax.

Brands have caught on to people’s enjoyment of ASMR videos and techniques and are now using them in their own digital marketing plans. They’ve realized that ASMR creates positive associations in their products and can showcase their products in a novel light.

Even more importantly, they find that commercials or social media advertisements featuring ASMR can be far more memorable than traditional commercials.

Ready to learn about more novel marketing ideas for your business? Keep reading the blog for more tips and strategies.

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