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What Is an iOS Developer and What Does the Developer Do?

Across the world, there are around 588 million Apple users and 1 billion Apple devices not including the iPhone. When you add in the popular iPhone devices, the numbers drastically increase.

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the leading companies around the globe. How did they become a quality technology company? An iOS developer has a major part in the process.

Keep reading to learn what an iOS developer is and what they do.

What Is an iOS Developer?

An iOS developer is a type of software developer that specializes in creating mobile apps through the iOS platform specifically.

As many know, iOS is the mobile operating system (OS) that Apple developed and uses for their products. An iOS developer is responsible for coding and designing the base app.

The process of iOS development doesn’t end there as a developer continues to maintain the app by fixing bugs that can affect performance.

What Does an iOS Developer Do?

iOS development services come in different forms. Along with iOS app development, a developer is responsible for the following tasks:

  • App feature layouts
  • Checking app performance quality
  • Fixing app issues
  • Monitoring the app code
  • Publishing apps on the App Store
  • Providing app updates

Whether you are looking for an iOS developer or want to become one, you need to know the qualifications that these developers should have. These skills and qualifications are necessary:


Most companies look to hire an iOS developer with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or something similar. Senior positions often require education plus experience in the field.

iOS developers might also gain certifications to increase their chances of getting hired.


iOS developers should be familiar with the two programming languages that are commonly used in iOS development. Swift is the primary iOS development language used by Apple.

The other programing language an iOS developer should know is Objective-C and Cocoa Touch. Swift is a combination of Objective-C and C.

Xcode is a tool designed for building Apple’s software and should be understood by an iOS developer. This is not a programming language but rather an integrated development environment with a wide range of languages.

Xcode makes it easier for developers to build and run apps with a singular software package. Xcode can help those who aren’t fluid in some programming languages even though knowing them is more beneficial.

Along with programming skills, an iOS developer should understand various frameworks such as Core Data and Core Animation.

What is needed for the app development process will dictate the skills that an iOS developer should have.

Do You Need an iOS Developer on Your Team?

Because Apple products are so popular, you probably own one and have wondered how easy it is to create your own iOS app. It’s not easy which is why iOS developers exist.

An iOS developer does everything from market research to app design to testing and submitting. They build an entire iOS app from scratch.

If you own a business looking to create an iOS app or want to build one independently, hiring an iOS developer is essential to the process.

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