What is a Simple Calculator? – An Overview

What is a Simple Calculator? – An Overview

A simple calculator is a gadget that can be used to make calculations in a range of fields. This is used for simple calculations and is the best aid in different situations. 

Calculators – MyCalcu Introduces Them

Human beings have felt the need to make calculations easier. The journey of making a gadget has led them from Abacus to modern scientific calculators. But what comes the best in this range is the simple calculator. It is neither a sophisticated gadget nor a no-benefit gadget. It serves the needs of those who want to make calculations based on simple four arithmetic operations. This is used by those who don’t need to make any sophisticated calculations.

A calculator is an electronic device. It performs its functions based on the chip that is installed. A simple calculator doesn’t have many keys and, like that, doesn’t have many functions. It can make addition, subtraction, division, and multiplications. Though it can’t go ahead than that, it makes this process easier.

Some simple calculators can also work on square roots and some other advanced functions. Calculators have become an almost ubiquitous gadget. Now even available in smartphones and PCs. The modern calculators we use need electricity. In contrast, the ones that were used back in the past, like Abacus, didn’t need electricity. 

They could be operated manually. The sophistication of calculators has grown with time. Modern calculators like scientific and graphing calculators are their most advanced forms.   

Evolution of Calculator

Calculator evolved from the need to make calculations. This used to be done thousands of years by counting with fingers and making marks on walls. This was the simplest form of calculation. This changed when the calculations grew complex. There were calculations that needed to be kept a record of. The first know solution to it was the attempt made by Sumerians. This was the rudimentary form of the calculator. 

Later centuries went by, and no significant changes were made until after the renaissance. Still not a well-built calculator, it was much better than its predecessors. The true changes came when modern electronic calculators were developed. The much better addition were the features that couldn’t be imagined a century back. No one would have thought of a portable calculator. It became possible as the size of the calculator grew smaller. Now, we have ones whose size is small and can be kept in the pocket. There is a huge variety, even in simple calculators. 

Now, a calculator, be it simple or sophisticated, is in universal use. Be it shops, classrooms, business centers, homes, or any other place, the calculator has found its space. 

A Simple Calculator  

A simple calculator, as evident from the name, is the one whose features are basic. This calculator can add numbers for you, make subtractions, multiply numbers, and divide them. The numbers that it multiplies might not be that huge, but what it does is easing the process. You don’t have to find a pen and paper to make lengthy calculations. It saves the time consumed on making more than four- or five-digit calculations. 

This is easy in the case of addition or subtraction, but in the case of division and multiplication, it becomes a hectic job. To make it easy and simple, we have a calculator. There you would have to enter the data and click the required option. Click the division key if you want to divide, multiplication if you need to multiply them. Thus, along with being human-friendly, it is environmental-friendly, saving both. 

calculator keys

They have a memory feature too and can remember few calculations that you made with them. A simple hand-held calculator has a few keys; some of them are as follows. 

  • MC For clearing memory
  • M+ Denoting Memory Plus
  • M- Denoting Memory Minus
  • MR It is used to recall the memory
  • CE It is used to clear the entry you have made
  • √x This used for square root
  • AC All Clear, used to clear the data of all calculations you have made
  • +/- These keys are used for addition or subtraction
  • Π This is a representation of Pi 
  • x² This is used for squaring a number
  • R2 This key is used for the conversion of round numbers into decimals
  • R0 Used for conversion to zero decimals
  • % This key is used for percentage calculation
  • Delete It is also present in the form of backspace. This key helps clear data. 

Along with these keys, there are the basic ten digits from 0 to 9. From the combination of these keys, one can make different combinations. Using these combinations, different arithmetic operations can be applied. 

Its memory can be used to revise those calculations that have been made earlier and not erased from memory. CE and AC buttons can be used alternatively to clear the calculations made using the calculator. 

Functions in Calculator 

A calculator is usually used to make basic calculations in the wider use that it has. Updates have been made to the first modern electronic calculator, and since then, we have seen the addition of many features to it. It has a range of functions that it can perform in a while. But what are the basic functions that we need from the calculator?


Simple calculators can also be accessed from Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android. All of these OSes have built-in calculators in them, which can be used when you need them. They have added these calculators because their use has become necessary in our lives. The calculator is helpful in various situations and will continue to serve for a long. 

It is the credit to developments in technology that calculators can also be accessed from the internet. These calculators don’t need installation on the device, nor do they occupy any space on the RAM/ROM of a system. They use internet data for operation. The special feature of these is being converted from simple to scientific. If someone needs a scientific calculator, then they can convert it with a single click. 

Features of a Simple Calculator

A simple calculator has the basic feature of the application of arithmetic calculations on the digits that you enter. This can perform other basic functions like finding out percentages and square roots. It can also be helpful if someone wants precise results in decimals. It can make calculations on small numbers as well as large numbers. 

Simple but Versatile

A simple calculator is a versatile device that can be helpful to a range of users. Its versatility is because of simplicity which makes it usable in almost every field. 

The Evolution and Its Growing Sphere of Influence

The calculator has evolved with the passage of time. It is through this evolution that it has come to popular use. If it was not portable, then it would not have seen this much popularity. The fact is that the price and size of it have played a great role in widening its sphere of influence. Students, business people, architects, engineers, and people from other professions use it because of these features.

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