What is a Reasonable Price for a Wedding Photographer?

Availing of professional wedding photography services is an intelligent thing to do. It makes the event grand. You can frame the magical moments that become sweet memories. It is important to set the budget to get wedding day photos from an expert. The blog reflects on this matter.

Create a range of expenses

It would help if you planned to keep in mind a range of costs. Thus, you should know about minimum and maximum prices for the service. It does not have to be accurate. A rough estimate is more than enough.

Ask your friends about the prices

It is a good idea to seek help from your close friends and relatives. They can provide you with fair ideas about the prices of wedding photography services. Gather relevant information from them. Use it to your benefit.

The price depends on various factors

There are many factors on which the service rate depends. Hence, when you are thinking about the budget, you have to consider all such factors. It will be a rational estimate. You will not have any confusion. The plan to hire suitable photography services will be effective.

Different photography packages

There are different professional wedding photography packages. Each package has unique features. It is important to go through the details before you decide to spend money. Ask the photographers about the specialty of a specific package. There should be no loopholes in communicating with the service provider.

The numbers of photos are a factor

Before you dig for the suitable rate of the service, you should know that the numbers of wedding day photos are a determining factor. The price will go up when you want more photos. The simple reason is there will be more work for the photographer.

Decide whether you need a video

It is also crucial to decide whether you need a video shoot. A video shoot is a factor that increases the service rate, too. You need to discuss the specific requirements with the service provider. A professional team will explain the details clearly.

Do you want a photo book?

A photo book or an album nicely organizes the wedding photos. It is wise to get the service from the photographers you hire. You will receive high-level satisfaction from the photography service. A compact and designer photo book is preferable. It stores beautiful memories.

Premium quality of photographs

There is a range of photography services available in the market. Some of those provide you with premium quality photographs, while others do not. It is your discretion to choose the service you need. The provision to supply premium quality wedding photos will be there in the package.

A teaser video with a drone

How about a teaser video? It is a trend nowadays. The concept is interesting, and its execution is even better. The experienced photographers perform the task using a drone. The results are stunning! You will be more than delighted with the results.

The price of a basic package

A basic package may cost you INR 10,000. When you do not want to spend too much, it is a suitable package. Go through the details of the services that you will get. Visit the website of the photographers to know more. You will have no issues in setting the budget.

A medium-level package

A medium-level package has a higher price tag in comparison to a basic photography service package. For example, expect to pay an amount of INR 20,000 or more. It will be more comprehensive. You will be more than delighted with the results. According to the price, you need to set the budget.

A premium-level package

When you require a premium-level wedding photography package, you need to spend more money. It has the highest price tag. Also, it is important to read each detail of the service package. You receive maximum features by availing of the package.

Discuss whether customization is possible

It is crucial to discuss with the service provider whether the rates of professional wedding photography services are customizable or not. You may not require some features of a specific package. On the other hand, you may require some additional features that do not have a mention. Speak with the photographers on this matter.

Choose a service provider with good online reviews

It is very important to choose a top-rated photography service provider. Reading online reviews helps. You get ideas about the service quality you can expect from the photographers. Deciding to hire them becomes easier for you.

More advanced equipment increase the price

Keep in mind the fact that more advanced photography equipment increases the service rate. Thus, you need to set the budget to remember this factor. Better tools of photography mean you get better results. The photos are more vibrant. They are clean and crisp.

Skills and experience deserve a higher price

You also need to understand that top skills and rich experience in wedding photography deserve better recognition. One way it happens is through a higher service rate. Keep it in mind while hiring photographers from a reputed agency.

Assess how much you can stretch the budget

You have to properly assess how much you can adjust the budget for wedding photography services. Get some advice from your friends. Read a blog (like you are reading at this moment). Proceed to strike a deal after you are confident with the idea of managing your budget.

A reasonable price is a subjective concept

On a practical note, any price can be reasonable. For example, if you plan a budget of INR 30,000, any price below it is reasonable. On the other hand, when you have a budget of more than INR 1 00,000, any expenses at a level of INR 90,000 can also seem reasonable. Thus, the concept is subjective.

Hire a reliable wedding photographer

Deys Photography has several years of experience in the wedding niche. Hiring a photographer from the agency who has ample technical expertise in professional wedding photography is a wise step. It is a guarantee that you will get high-quality, well-organized wedding day photos.


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