What Is a Headhunter? What Are the Benefits of Using One?

In 2018, before the pandemic, the chances of an unemployed person finding a job within a month was 27.7%. Now that we’re in the midst of a global crisis, many industries have become unstable, which makes finding a job even harder.

The issue is, there’s plenty of talent out there but businesses aren’t getting connected to them. If this sounds like what’s happening to your company, then perhaps you need the help of a headhunter.

What is a headhunter? And what are the benefits of using one?

Read on to find out!

What Is a Headhunter?

A headhunter (also known as an executive recruiter) is someone who works on behalf of a company to find suitable employees to fill positions. They’re typically used when a business is short on time and needs to fill roles immediately.

They might sound like a recruiter, but there are some key differences. For example, recruiters advertise jobs and wait for candidates to reach out to them, but headhunters are more proactive and will reach out to potential candidates themselves.

Recruiters are also generalists while headhunters are generalists. However, there are some exceptions, such as cybersecurity recruiters.

In addition, recruiters are focused on serving both employers and candidates. But headhunters are only focused on helping employers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Headhunter?

Of course, if you use a headhunter, you’ll have to spend some extra money on their services. But the benefits you’ll reap far outweigh any price you pay, especially when you can hire staff at lightning speed!

A headhunter will free up your HR staff so they can concentrate on taking care of your existing staff.

Not only that, but headhunters have market expertise and know the job market. This allows them to quickly narrow down candidates and find a select few that can potentially fit not just your open roles, but also your company culture.

Most headhunters work on commission, which means they’re driven to produce results, fast. They only get paid when they’re successful, so this motivates them to not only perform their jobs quickly, but to also find the best talent possible.

If you’re in a competitive industry and rival companies keep snatching up talent before you can even contact them, then a headhunter will benefit you most here. They’ll utilize their professional network and knowledge to find talent in places you wouldn’t have even considered. This includes both passive job seekers and even competitors’ current employees.

Hiring a Headhunter Is Worth It

Now you know the answer to the question, “what is a headhunter?”

If your company’s been having trouble hiring the right people for your jobs, then it’s definitely worth hiring a headhunter. Not only will they take that burden off of you, but they’ll also ensure that the roles are filled promptly!

Want some headhunter tips now that you’re interested in hiring one? Then read our other blog posts for more information!

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