What Is A Downflow Hood?

Downflow hood is equipment that is used in the cleanroom to maintain the ventilation of the gases that are released during the experiment. It is an efficient way of keeping the environment around the cleanroom clean and safe. It has a special working mechanism that makes the entire ventilation system work in such an effective way that no harmful gas is allowed to escape and everything is contained without affecting the environment. A Downflow hood uses the air pressure to keep the dangerous gases flow downwards through shaft so that the working area is also safe and no one gets exposed to the toxic gases that are produced during the experiment. It is made up of different materials so that it doesn’t get rusted or corrosive while getting exposed to the harmful gases. A majority of the Downflow hoods are made of PVC so that it has a much better quality and strength along with the ability to not get affected by the gases that are released through chemical or other things. It is one of the main components of the cleanroom. Many volatile chemicals often release vapors which might be harmful to people in the cleanroom. Thus, for such materials, the Downflow hood also helps in an efficient manner.

Features Of Downflow Hoods 

The following are the various features of the Downflow fume hoods:-

  1.  Material.

    The material of the Downflow hood is chosen by keeping certain things in mind i.e. it should be strong as well as have the tendency to bear the toxic chemicals and gases and prevent itself from getting corrosion.

  1.   Ventilation management

The mechanism of the ventilation is designed in such an advanced way that no harmful gas can escape and all the gas is sucked down to keep the space free from any kind of toxic gas.

  1. Safety   

    It ensures the safety of the people who are working in the cleanroom. It is very helpful and handy equipment that helps scientists or technicians to carry on the experiment without any interruption.

  1. Sizes 

    They are available in many different sizes. You can choose the Downflow hood that meets your requirements and space.

  1. Airflow Alarm 

    It has a special alarm that intimidates you whenever the airflow of the Downflow hood is low.                             Thus, indicating that the equipment needs service.

  1. Filter

    It has a filter that helps in separating the dust particles from the air and preventing the environment from any kind of toxication.

The above-mentioned features, therefore, make the Downflow hood efficient and reliable equipment that has brought ease to technicians or practitioners who are working on an experiment in the cleanroom.

How Does A Downflow Hood Works?

It is really very much amazing how a Downflow hood works and keeps the environment safe and secure. The Downflow hood has a ventilation system that lets the airflow towards downward, which is the main thing that is responsible for keeping the hazardous and dangerous gas away from getting mixed with the outside environment. The airflow then travels entirely through the ducts and separates the dust particles which are also harmful to people who are working in the cleanroom. It has an open where all the things are kept and experiments are performed which might release harmful gases. Thus, as soon as the gas is released it immediately directs them downwards and moves it to the ventilation system and ducts to prevent it from getting mixed with the air. Thus, a Downflow hood works on the above mechanism to keep the air clean and safe.

Benefits Of Using Downflow Hoods

There are a lot of benefits to using Downflow hoods. Here, is the list of benefits of using Downflow hoods:-

  1. It ensures the safety of the individual as well as the environment.
  2. It prevents harmful gases from making the environment toxic.
  3. It aids in the smooth and efficient conduct of the experiment.
  4. It is helpful in keeping yourself safe from getting in contact with harmful gases.
  5. Hence, the benefits of Downflow hoods make the cleanroom a much better place to work around.


Downflow hoods enable an individual or medical practitioner to do the experiment in such a way that whenever there is some harmful gas released during the experiment it is easily ventilated and prevented from contaminating the environment. The material of the Downflow hood has anti-corrosive properties which ensure that if any chemical is spilled on it, then it won’t affect the Downflow hood and work appropriately without any interruption or problems. Hence, it is considered as the most important equipment in the cleanroom.

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