What Is a CRM?

You need to connect with a lot of people to grow a business. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done to keep track of everyone you know.

Luckily, there is a solution to the problem. CRM programs now exist that make managing business contacts easier. Reports show that 65% of companies use some kind of CRM within five years of opening for business.

The question is, what is a CRM, and how does it benefit businesses? Keep reading to learn what is a CRM program and why you should buy one today.

What Is a CRM Program?

A CRM program is a customer relationship management program. It’s software that allows you to centrally organize your business contacts in one location. You also get a search feature to search for people based on specific criteria.

On top of that, many CRM programs offer additional functions that let you store more data. You can keep track of call histories, social media presences, personal details, and anything else you can think of.

What Is a CRM Program Used For?

Now that you know what is a CRM provider, the question is, how can you use it to benefit your business? Keep reading to learn the answer.

Stay Secure

Text documents and spreadsheets aren’t the most secure. Nothing stops anyone from opening text documents, and it isn’t hard to crack a password on a spreadsheet.

You don’t have a security issue when you use CRM software. You need to authenticate with a username and complex password. In most cases, you can also use two-factor authentication to add another layer of security.

Share Data

It’s not easy to share contact data when every person has a unique system for organizing information. Even if you put everything in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s not the easiest thing to manage.

Most CRM programs are in the cloud these days. That means every person can log into your system from anywhere to get information. You can also create custom permission levels to share details with only the people who need them.

Customizable Reports

Gaining insights into your contact data is a great way to optimize business profits. You can’t do this if you only store things in a spreadsheet. Since you collect a lot of data in a database with a CRM, you have a lot of data to work with.

You can use this data to create custom reports about your contacts. You can learn where people are in the buying cycle and the best ways to appeal to what your customers want.

Software Integrations

One of the great things about CRM software is integrating it with other software. You can sync data automatically to remove a lot of the manual work you do.

You also have things like the Salesforce dialer to integrate your CRM with your call system. This will make things like call tracking and reporting a breeze to handle.

Invest in a CRM Program Today

You need all the help you can get when you need to manage company contacts. Now that you know what is a CRM, you know what options you have to manage your contact data. Invest in a CRM program today to start taking contact management seriously.

Do you want more tips that will help you discover more great software your business can use? Read the latest articles on the blog to learn more about business software.

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