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What Happens If You Don’t Get A Root Canal When Needed?

You might already know about the root canal. Many people feel nervous when they hear about this treatment procedure. But there is nothing to be worried about, root canal and its treatment are a standard part of dentistry that can relieve some kinds of tooth pain and make teeth stronger.

Has your dentist suggested you get a Single sitting RCT yet you have been putting it off? Perhaps you can’t bear the cost of the treatment, are very busy, or have anxiety toward the pain? If you have been told to get a root treatment, don’t procrastinate, this single procedure gets prevent an infected tooth from affecting all the other teeth in your mouth.

Postponing A Root Canal

When people attempt to delay how lengthy they can go without getting a root canal, they’re simply being reckless with their health. Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, so the possibility of going through the procedure can be terrifying for some. As a general rule, the treatment is basically the same as having a cavity filled in that there is almost no distress because of the use of a local anesthetic.

On the other hand, if you don’t get the root canal treatment in kolkata at the right time, below are some of the consequences that you might have to face:


Contamination in your tooth can prompt the build-up of an ulcer. An abscess is a pocket of discharge that develops toward the end of a tooth’s root. Assuming you have an abscess, you will require an emergency treatment.

Bone Loss

If you wait quite a while to go through a root canal, bacteria will go after the tip of the tooth’s root, causing serious bone loss. Such bone loss can bring about tooth loss.

Swelling and Strain

In spite of the fact that you could start to feel some pain relief as the nerves pass on, an infected tooth can at last prompt expand pressure and painful swelling in the face, head, or neck.

Tooth Loss

Sometimes, if you stand by too long, an infection can prompt serious root decay. When the root decays past a specific point, it would be harder than ever to save that tooth. Although you can search for “teeth implants near me” to find a dentist to replace the decayed tooth, we would still suggest you take fast actions to avoid serious damages.


As the bacteria multiply, your tooth can become damaged to the point that a hole can develop on the side of the tooth, allowing the infection to impact the surrounding of the gum, the surrounding skin, and the bloodstream. If the contamination enters your bloodstream, it can cause sepsis, which is a possibly life-threatening condition that can damage different organs.

Systemic Inflammation

Inflammation in your tooth can make contamination spread all through your body. Systemic inflammation can increase your risk for dire medical problems, like stroke and heart infection.

If you want a root canal, the issue will not heal on its own. Although you may be enticed to defer getting a root canal, it is vital to understand that the issue won’t disappear. Truth is said, regardless of whether the pain disappears, it tends to be an exceptionally terrible sign as it means that the infection is proceeding, not decreasing.

Also, the contamination can turn out to be serious to the point that you can, at last, lose part of your jaw, which will require you to go through reconstructive surgery. A visit to our smile dental clinic south kolkata might help your case.

At long last, if you avoid the issue to the point of losing a tooth, it can increase your risk of causing gum disease and decay for your remaining teeth.

Is There Another Option?

Indeed, there is another way – tooth extraction. However, it is generally better to try to save the tooth. Saving the tooth can keep different difficulties from happening later on; these could incorporate biting issues from teeth moving position, eating troubles, and deficiency of jawbone density and volume.

Don’t Fear RCT

You may not be glad to get a root canal, but it can save your oral health to get one. If you have any side effects of an infected tooth, arrange an oral health inspection and appointment in your nearest but most reliable dental clinic. The top dentist in kolkata will be able to take away your inhibitions and any complex feelings towards the procedure. So make sure to search for one and not just visit any dentist you can find online.

How to Prevent the Need for RCT in the Future?

Keep your teeth free from decay by cleaning and flossing consistently. Follow a proper dieting low in sugar and keep away from acidic drinks like soda. Make sure to visit your dentist every 6 months for identifying the early signs of any kind of dental issue.

Root Canal after Care

A treated tooth can last forever with legitimate care. After treatment you ought to:

  • Visit the dentist routinely.
  • Try not to bite on hard food varieties.
  • Stay away from high-sugar food and beverages.
  • Practice good oral cleanliness – clean teeth two times per day, and floss at least once a day.

However it sounds unnerving, a root canal is a normal method that can forestall the spread of infection, reduce pain, and save your tooth. So if your dentist suggests this type of treatment, trust their judgment and as any questions that would cause you to feel more comfortable with getting the treatment.


What if I need a root canal and don’t get it?

The only other option apart from a root canal is the extraction of the tooth, so you can try to undergo such a procedure.

What happens if I delay a root canal?

Delaying a root canal procedure can cause even more discomfort as the infection is likely to spread.

What are the signs you need a root canal?

Persistent pain, swelling, soreness, etc are common signs of needing an RCT.

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