What Facilities Are Provided At A Laundry And Car Wash Service?

Any review of market products is intended to educate those in need of a laundry and car wash service, evaluate the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the product, and, ultimately, politely nudge the consumer towards a reasonable (according to the author, or, as often happens, according to the customer) choice. As an uninterested person, I have a more rewarding task: to briefly and without embellishment describe the variety of services in the current car wash business.

As a result, I would like to get a compressed list of generally accepted car wash services – a kind of guide for the owner of the car wash and for his client. In my opinion, many will find it useful. The owner (or the one who is going to become one) – will tell you how to properly organize the work of your enterprise. The client (or, again, the one who is going to become one) will be told what to expect from the current car wash service, and also – how long you will have to wait, spending time in line. So, the task is clear: let’s get down to business.

Basics pf Laundry and Car Wash Service

I will dance, as usual, from the basics. We say “car wash” – we mean “body wash”. This is a basic laundry and car wash service and does not need any special comments. Washing of rugs is sometimes included in it by default, “automatically”; sometimes – it appears in the price list separately. The second option is the most convenient for the client: in the first case, he is forced to pay for the car wash, even if he was not going to order it. Agree: very few people like to shell out money for what they did not ask, even if it is for their own benefit (and the amount, to be honest, is purely symbolic).

As a rule, in a manual car wash, one car is served by two washers. If the work is done properly, washing the body together with the polishes takes about fifteen minutes. Washing a bulky “SUV” will take about five minutes more. A shorter period means that either the quality of the washing suffers, or you have come across an exceptionally talented, virtuoso and a dog who has eaten in his business a washer (the latter is doubtful: it is hard to believe that you can work efficiently at a speed of 1 car / 10 minutes for, say, 12 hours shifts).

Washing The Engine

Despite the critical importance of the engine as an integral part of the vehicle, the operation itself is extremely simple. First, the bulk of the contamination is removed from the AED from the engine. Then the engine is covered with a special chemistry. After two to three minutes, the agent that has absorbed the dirt is washed off with water from the high-pressure washer. In ten minutes we get a flawlessly clean engine.

Salon Cleaning By Laundry And Car Wash Service

A kind of “set lunch” – a set of separate “dishes”, such as a vacuum cleaner; wiping glasses; cleaning of plastic and leather surfaces. Ordering such a “lunch” as a whole is usually a little cheaper than “collecting” “dishes” separately. Two people clean the salon in about fifteen minutes. If the owner of the car is not too bothered to maintain cleanliness, cleaning can be delayed. Just as the washing of carpets is included in the washing of the body, so sometimes the cleaning of the trunk is included in the cleaning of the passenger compartment. True, usually in the price tags it is still a separate line.


On muddy roads, when there is mud and slush on the road, there is no point in washing the car. Leaving the car wash, in half an hour you get the car in its “original form” as if you had never been there. You can’t help it: you have to wait for the roads to dry out. However, in order not to horrify others and not convince yourself, as well as the oncoming traffic inspector, that “tanks are not afraid of dirt”, you can drop into the nearest car wash and douse the body from the AED. Moreover, both time and money are required for this much less than for a full-fledged car wash. In terms of time, it is about five minutes.

Body polishing

It gives the surfaces of the car a pleasant gloss, pleases the eye, and brings the owner of the car wash additional income. It is in great demand among car owners in the spring and summer. Manual polishing does not require any special tricks: a sponge, a jar of polish, and two pairs of working hands. Two workers complete one body in twenty-five to thirty minutes. (There is also polishing with special equipment – a polishing machine, but this is a topic for a separate conversation) As you can see, the option is quite democratic and suitable for any car wash manager, if he wants to expand the range of his services, and at the same time – to lighten the wallets of car owners, which, in the end in the end, and achieves.

Salon dry cleaning offered by laundry and car wash service

Provided by many car washes. Requires additional equipment, such as a washing vacuum cleaner. The process is lengthy, very laborious, and, as a result, expensive. Two are carried with one cabin from four to six hours. In many car washes, different parts of the car can be cleaned separately.

Cleaning Of Rims

Over time, stubborn carbon deposits accumulate on the discs from heating. Until a sufficient number of various auto chemical products appeared on the market, soot removal was a considerable problem. Usually, they did this: they treated the disks with a composition for washing the engine, and then, armed with a brush, they scrubbed them for a long time, lovingly and carefully. What the brush did not take was removed with a wooden stick. Therefore, this laundry and car wash service was not very widespread. Now special chemistry is a dime a dozen, and the fight against soot is not difficult: apply the product, get bored for a couple of minutes, wash off the dirt with a sponge. If the crust is too thick, the operation is done in two steps. Two washers take ten minutes to do this.

There are some lesser-known services, but they are also quite common. These include, for example, removing anti-corrosion grease from the body of a brand new car; removal from the car body of bitumen stains left by the road surface; etc. The duration and price of such services directly depend on the complexity of the work.

A variety of car care products allows you, with a little imagination, to get at your disposal a lot of additional services and use them with success in the car wash business. For example, a remedy is popularly known as “anti-rain” (by the way, there really is the chemistry of domestic production with this name): after washing, the glasses are treated with a composition that forms a thin water-repellent film on their surface. During a trip in the rain, water rolls off such glass without lingering and is blown away by the air current.

Laundry Services In Winters

In winter, at Dry Cleaners, pouring antifreeze liquid into glass washing tanks is traditionally in demand. Now almost any car wash is ready to provide you with this simple laundry and car wash service (of course, for a fee …). The cold season in our country, firstly, is long, and secondly, it is really cold. Therefore, this service in the winter period is able to bring quite tangible income to the car owner. Especially when you consider that liquid is sold at the car wash at a price much higher than the purchase price, and the client has to take this fact for granted: if you want it cheaper, buy it yourself and fill it yourself.

Finally, it is worth mentioning some small laundry and car wash services provided at car washes as “free bonuses”. First of all – tire inflation: a very popular thing, on our roads and in our eternal time trouble. And then they will do everything for you quickly, and most importantly – completely free of charge, and you won’t have to spend your precious time on it … The owner of the sink should take it on board: as an additional means of attracting clientele, in my opinion, an irreplaceable thing.

In winter, after washing, it is practiced to blow the locks with compressed air so that the moisture that has got into them is not caught in the cold. To keep the locks in order, you can then treat them with a special anti-freeze agent. Both procedures are very relevant in our difficult climate.

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