What Evidence Would You Need to Win a Lawsuit in Domestic Abuse?

If you are in an abusive relationship and are in the process of taking legal action against them, you need to document the abusive behavior of your partner. This documentation will be the most important evidence that would take you a step closer to your win in a domestic abuse lawsuit. It is worth noting that each state has different laws regarding validating types of evidence in court. Hence speaking with an expert Rockville domestic abuse lawyer might help you prepare better for your unique situation. 

We have summarised certain actions that you can take to document your abuse if you feel safe doing so. 

  • Visit a Doctor

Doctors are trained to recognize and differentiate between accidental injuries and injuries resulting from abuse. Seeking their help can help you have a documented proof of your abuse. Moreover, healthcare providers are the safest resource for disclosing abuse. 

You can even ask them to record the causes of your injury without even visiting the police.  

  • Outside Documentation

You can even document your abuse outside a hospital. If you have trusted friends, family, or even coworkers who believe and support you, they can help you with the documentation process. 

They can record or track the number of times your partner calls you or even the number of times they have injured you. Apart from their verbal testimony, these pieces of evidence will support your claim in the lawsuit, helping you secure your win. 

  • Device a Stalking Log

If your partner is stalking you, make sure you create a stalking log against them. This will help you create evidence against them and clear your intentions that you weren’t enjoying this behavior but were annoyed and stressed because of it. 

The National Center for Victims of Crime’s Stalking Resource Center even facilitates you with examples of stalking logs. You can even ask your Rockville domestic abuse lawyer to help you with the same. 

  • Take Pictures

Taking pictures of the injuries you have been suffering from after the abuse even works as great evidence. 

But use another person’s camera, someone you can trust and help you save those pictures, or you can even use a disposable camera for doing the same. That is because using your mobile phone camera might not always be safe. Moreover, the risk of getting caught by your partner (if you are staying with them and planning to file a case) is also high while using your mobile phone. 


If you plan to document your abuse and are confused or worried about being caught, go with your guts. That is because you are the expert on your situation. You know how things could turn out if you took a wrong step. 

But make sure, if you or any of your known person is suffering from domestic abuse. They file for justice. Reach out to a Rockville domestic abuse lawyer for immediate help with planning steps to be taken.

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