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What do you need to know about your vaginal discharge say?

Vaginal discharge is the discharge that comes out of your vagina, which is a normal thing for every woman. It can vary during your menstrual cycle. The amount of discharge produced by your vagina in a day is about a teaspoon which is clear or white, thin or thick, and odorless. This is produced due to the bacteria present in the vagina or is secreted by the vaginal walls. It is most frequent in the days before ovulation. The discharge may be more obvious at certain times of a month and can depend on different factors such as ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity, and birth control.

The vaginal discharge is most visible before the days of ovulation. Ovulation is the time when your uterus releases an egg. Before ovulation, a lot more mucous is produced in your reproductive organs than the regular days. It may be waterier and more stretchy in this phase of your menstrual cycle. Similarly, the type of vaginal discharge can depend on a couple of factors including the kind of sexual partners you have, the number of your sexual partners, the kind of sexual activity you have, if abuse is involved or not, etc.

You need not worry if you experience a normal vaginal discharge. The things that may create problems may include a colored and smelly vaginal odor. In such circumstances, you should see a doctor right away. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of vaginal discharge in women and what each of them says about your sexual health.

Types of vaginal discharge

Clear or transparent vaginal discharge

A clear or transparent vaginal discharge which an egg-white consistency is usually very normal. It may be released by your vagina due to the following reasons:


It is discharged by your vagina in order to maintain the hormonal balance to keep your vagina healthy as it self-cleans itself.

Hormonal imbalance in pregnancy

The change in hormones during pregnancy increases the amounts of discharge by your vagina.


the amounts of cervical mucous produced is increased during the period of ovulation.

Sexual arousal

When you are aroused, the flow of blood to the vagina increases causing it to release a clear discharge which is basically to lubricate your vagina.

The clear or transparent mucous may be watery or stretchy. A stretchy and clear mucous shows fertility while a clear and watery mucous may be released frequently during your menstrual cycle.

Creamy, white, or beige vaginal discharge

If your vaginal discharge is colored white, creamy, or beige, it may be during the beginning or end of your menstrual cycle. It is no different than the clear discharge that means it is just produced for natural lubrication. It keeps friction away and maintains the health of your vagina. Do not worry about it unless the whitish discharge is accompanied by a bizarre smell or texture and is itchy. It might be a sign of infection.

Yellow or green vaginal discharge

A yellow or green vaginal discharge is okay. It is usually quite normal. The reason for its color is usually the food or supplements that you might be taking.  It may be a sign of infection only and only if it occurs with any other symptoms.

Bloody red or brown vaginal discharge

A bloody red or brown discharge may occur during your ovulation period, during menstruation, or early in your pregnancy at the time your period would come. A brown discharge is most likely to be released right after your menstruation. It is for the purpose of cleaning your vagina as it clears out any remaining old blood. During the period, the color changes from red in the initial days to brown in the last days. If the color stays completely red or brown throughout, it may be a sign of any health issue.

Pink discharge

If the color of your discharge ranges from a very light to dark pink color, it may be due to the start of your menstrual cycle. It can also occur after sexual intercourse. But sometimes, it can be a sign of some serious health problem.

Grey discharge

If your vaginal discharge turns into a grey color just like the clouds in storms, it usually is a sign of bacterial vaginosis, an infection in women. It requires medical attention right away.

When should you see a doctor?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, please see your doctor right away:

  • Itching in your vagina
  • Pain in your vagina
  • Rash or sores in your vaginal area
  • Discomfort
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Smelly vaginal discharge
  • Burning during urination

All the above symptoms might indicate an infection or any other problem that may be going on with your body. It is always better to get yourself thoroughly checked up if you are unsure about your sexual health.

It is not a mystery that your gastrointestinal tract can interfere with the way you have sex. In case you’ve full or undergoing indigestion, the discomfort associated with it can surely intervene with your sex life. But, there’s an influential, surprising link between your sexual health and your gut health which is still under investigation by scientists. It’s crucial not to undervalue the strength of the gut.

GIT performs a role in the generation of chemical substances that can impact sexual health

Initial and most leading, your libido is linked with the gut through serotonin. Scientific research has started to reveal the fact that a significant amount of this chemical is produced by the bacteria in the gut. Serotonin does not just control mood and despair, it additionally regulates movements of the bowel and nauseated feelings.

Importantly, levels of serotonin also play a part in how frequently we have sex. Higher serotonin levels inhibit sexual desire, and this explains why antidepressants that increase serotonin result in worsened Female sexual health. However, lower levels can boost your libido. A gut producing different serotonin levels might induce mood swings and changes in sexual desire resulting in a shifted sexual landscape.

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What do you need to know about your vaginal discharge say?

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