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What Do Lawn Care Services Do?

81% of Americans have a lawn, and most of those individuals say that it’s an important feature to them when buying or renting a home.

If you have a lawn, it can make your home appear fresh and welcoming. It can also keep your outdoor space cool and invite your friends and family to have a great time playing or picnicking.

Yet it’s important to keep your lawn healthy and attractive if you want to reap its benefits. What do lawn care services do, and how can they benefit you?

Let’s take a look.

Basic Care

Many services will offer basic lawn care that includes weekly mowing, after which the team will blow the grass off of sidewalks, patios, and driveways. If you’ve become too busy or physically unable to mow the lawn, you’ll want a quality lawn care service to help keep the neighbors from complaining!

In addition to that, the service may provide fertilization and weed control. This can help make sure your grass grows healthy and without the pesky crabgrass that will keep it from looking its best.

In addition, your lawn service may aerate your soil regularly. This allows water, fertilizer, and seeds to more easily reach the roots of your grass. It will also help to reduce runoff and soil compaction.

A knowledgeable service will be able to provide lawn care tips, such as when to install a sprinkler system or hire a power washer. They can help you keep your landscape looking as fresh and attractive as possible.

Seasonal Maintenance

Most lawns require seasonal maintenance in the spring and fall. During this, the lawn care team will work hard to reduce debris, prune shrubs, and fertilize your soil. They may also help with things like pruning and trimming bushes and plants.

Fall cleanup can help your lawn prepare for the upcoming frost. Your lawn service will rake leaves and make sure that all irrigation systems are turned off before your lawn shuts down for the winter.


Some lawn services, such as My Elite Lawn Care, will also help with the landscaping on your property. This could include things like installing retaining walls, fire pits, and decorative pillars. They may also help with edging flower beds and installing lighting.

Snow Removal

If you have a full-service company, you may also be able to count on them for snow removal in the winter. They will plow and shovel your sidewalk, driveway, and walkways. Once you’ve found a lawn care company you can count on, it helps to know that they are a one-stop-shop for all of your landscaping needs.

What Do Lawn Care Services Do?

What do lawn care services do? In short, they provide all of the services necessary to keep your property looking healthy and green. Once you’ve found a service you’re happy with, you can count on them for a beautiful landscape for years to come.

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