What Dinosaur has 500 teeth?

 Do whatever it takes to not Google What Dinosaur has 500 teeth This is a Google joke that spread on Reddit. The Google search of “which dinosaur had 500 teeth” will bring users to archives for “Nigersaurus.” People are alert against this, towards liking the name of the dinosaur is an homage to the word “N-word.

The first attempt to discourage people from Googling to find the 500-tooth dinosaur was published on September 6, 2019, to teens by a user whose record was later erased.

What do you think a dinosaur that has 500 teeth really is?

A dinosaur that had 500 teeth was discovered in Niger, the Republic of Niger in 1999. The name dinosaur was assigned to it because it resembled one of the tigers, and the teeth were designed to guard food closer to the surface. The name Nigersaurus, however,, can be confusing, since it appears to be a prank. Whatever the reason the intention behind the joke was to promote care, not deter people from the mysterious name.

In any event, it is possible for a joke to go in a wide range. A new discovery suggests that a certain species of dinosaur has over 500 teeth. A unique fossil of this species was discovered within the Republic of Niger. Its name Nigersaurus Taqueti was named for the animal in honor of its pioneer, American researcher Paul Sereno. Fortunately, the internet did not change the story, and the meme has been removed from the internet.

What caused this meme to become popular?

The joke was retransmitted through YouTube at the beginning of January 2020. Client WarmerBasson69 uploaded an article on the joke on the 20th of January and secured over 66,000 viewpoints. Customer Izzy Tube posted a video on the 23rd of January and gained over 2,200 views. The two accounts have since been removed. The meme was featured in The Sun in January of 2020. Improvement Hussey shared an image of Google searching the dinosaur and obtained more than 5,200 views (shown below the left). Client GGXRazorz also posted a similar video, obtaining in excess of 11,000 points of view (shown under on the right).

Nigersaurus Dinosaur: Everything you have to be aware of?

The Nigersaurus is an amazing dinosaur, but it is often overlooked. It was among the biggest dinosaurs ever to be seen on the planet, and it could have had as many as 500 teeth! That’s a lot of chewing power! However, what is what makes the Nigersaurus special is the fact is the first dinosaur to have an eagle-like sail that was on the back of its head. There is no consensus on what purpose this sail was for, however, some scientists believe that it was used to lure females or to scare off predators.

Amazing facts concerning Nigersaurus Dinosaur:

The Nigersaurus is an intriguing dinosaur with lots of distinctive attributes. The most impressive characteristics that are part of the Nigersaurus Dinosaur:

  • Its size was huge, making it one of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the earth.
  • The razor-sharp teeth could easily rip through flesh
  • The sail that flies on its back, is believed to have served a function however, it is not yet entirely known
  • The legs it had allowed it to enjoy a variety of different advantages over the other species, including the ability to sprint faster and reach higher branches to consume leaves.

The Nigersaurus is an absolutely amazing animal that is worth knowing more about! Thank you for having a look!

History of Nigersaurus.

This Dinosaur has a mouth that is huge and lived for approximately 110 million years earlier. They also eat a lot of plants. The first thing to note is that fossils of these kinds were discovered by a French scientists in the year 1965. Then, they were designated by the researcher who called them”the Nigersaurus Taquet.

Around 110 million years prior around 110 million years earlier, the nigersaurus Taqueti was an herbivore living in the cretaceous period. This type of Dinosaur was discovered throughout areas like the Niger districts.

This was the beginning of a bizarre meme.

The internet has many odd aspects. An authentic model is one that aims to determine the user to discover the dinosaur with 500 teeth. The question has become a meme because of the fact that the web is overflowing with awe-inspiring, and part of the constantly entertaining things. There’s an incredibly better approach to answer the question: Which dinosaur has the longest tooth? Luckily the Internet has become the leading source of information to help with the most bizarre of subjects. Which dinosaur has the largest teeth?

A dinosaur that had the highest number of teeth was named Nigersaurus Taqueti and was named in honor of its pioneer, Paul Sereno. This reptile was approximately thirty feet in length and had upwards of 500 tiny teeth. The huge teeth could be filled with brushes, which allowed it to examine plants and then eat the leaves. The most common name for this species is Nigersaurus Taqueria. It’s present in the present.


Are the 500-tooth dinosaurs herbivore?

Yes, the 500-tooth dinosaurs were herbivores, and they used replacing their teeth once every 2 weeks. This was done due to their ability to chop grass to surface and also because of the teeth that replaced them the sharpness of their teeth diminished. To avoid hindrance, the dinosaurs replace their teeth every two weeks.

What was the reason that dinosaurs have a long neck?

The dinosaurs had this distinctive structure of their body particularly the neck, due to their capability to stoop down to the ground to cut grasses. The reason for this was because the dinosaurs were herbivores, they possessed a an extended mouth and teeth of 500 that allowed them to bite easily.

What are the dental batteries for the dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs of the family had the distinctive characteristic in the form of batteries for dental use. These batteries were utilized to replace tooth every 2 weeks, and thus to retain the same sharpness as the teeth that they replaced. The angle for the dental teeth were different and lined one after opposite when replacing.


The answer to which dinosaur with 500 teeth is Nigerasurus. They had an extended neck and large mouth. One of the most distinctive features of these dinosaurs is their teeth’s orientation. The Nigerasurus contained 500 teeth that were replaced each two weeks. The reason they had this structure was to allow them to bend at ground level in order to chop grass.

The Nigerasurus dinosaurs had special teeth as well as a replacement features to not lose the sharpness of the teeth and to not cause issues with cutting grasses.

The Internet is filled with dinosaurs have 500 teeth memes and the article gives the reasons and what it means.

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