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What Composite Decking Is Best?

You undoubtedly need certain amenities that will make your property more welcoming if you own a home with a lovely backyard and a pool or hot tub outside, an apartment with a gorgeous terrace, or a company that would want to allow your clients to enjoy the fresh air outdoors. They ought to be durable, manufactured of high-quality materials, and reasonably priced. What kind of decking product is ideal for your project? Decking goods may be the finest answer for a number of outdoor tasks.

What kinds of materials for decking are on the market?

Wood deck composite

wood deck composite is a classic material that has been employed in the building sector for many years. It is constructed from a variety of woods, including pine, redwood, and cedar. (Link)

wood composite decking

Homeowners frequently choose trädäck komposit because it is affordable, but it may also be expensive. For instance, the price of wood decking is influenced by the kind of wood you use and whether or not it has undergone pressure treatment. Because it has undergone an extra procedure that increases its durability and resistance to rot and decay, pressure-treated timber is more expensive than non-treated boards.

Aluminium decking

A new decking material on the market, aluminium decking is renowned for being fire resistant. It is built of aluminium, which has a low weight and makes installation and maintenance simple. It is available in a number of colours, giving you additional options when creating your deck. Since aluminium decking is watertight and does not decay or splinter like wood, you do not need to paint it annually as you would with wood. Additionally, because aluminium is termite resistant, you won’t have to worry about termites destroying your deck.

Composite Decking

What is WPC, or Wood Polymer Composite?

Since ancient times, wood has been utilised in building to create doors, walls, decks, and other elements for homes. As the polymer industries expanded and matured during the past century, numerous wood items were replaced with plastic ones. Plastic materials were more effective and provided an easier and more direct solution to the issues. 

Wood Polymer Composite

Scientists eventually discovered a technique to combine wood goods with polymers to increase their physical features while preserving our world due to the fact that plastic pollution could no longer be tolerated. Wood polymer composite (WPC), which combines a high proportion of wood fibre and a low proportion of a polymer, was one innovation. Wood Polymer Composite (WPC), which may be produced by manufacturers using recycled polymer and a final product composed of WPC that can be recycled several times to create new items, is ecologically beneficial. WPC is perfect for outdoor applications since it can be manufactured to have high density. The material’s physical characteristics will be unaffected by the severe weather.

What exactly are composite deck boards?

Building decks in backyards, porches, poolsides, or on any outside surface is excellent for composite decking constructed of wood polymer composite (WPC). Termites, mould, and mildew are not able to penetrate composite decking planks. They don’t lose their colour over time, and they don’t need to be maintained on a regular basis. It’s crucial to be aware of the many varieties of composite decking before making a purchase so you can choose wisely. The most popular models are described below:

Composite Hollow Core Deck Board

While some manufacturers drill holes in composite decking boards to release extra moisture, others do it to lighten the weight of the board as a whole. The hollows in deck boards, which are supposed to maintain the strength of the board and keep moisture from penetrating the inside, are not, in the opinion of all deck installers, doing what they are supposed to be doing. Because of their hollowed-out centres, hollow core composite decking are often less costly than other varieties of decking. Hollows won’t affect how long it takes to build a composite decking.

Composite Hollow Core Deck Board

Composite decking plank with grooves

A benefit of the material is that dampness does not adversely influence WPC composite decking to the point that homeowners would be concerned. Thus, composite decking boards with grooves and hollow cores are created to minimise product weight, facilitate shipping, and lower prices. The majority of the grooved composite decking boards in North America are made by Trex.

Composite decking board with a solid core

The 7/8″ or 1″ core of a solid core composite decking board is not hollow or grooved. It is anticipated to be more resistant to weather damage and is often heavier than other types of composite decking planks. The density of a solid core composite decking board is the most crucial element in determining its quality. The more dense the material, the more useful it will be all year round.

Color composite decking Board, Double Sided

In order to lessen the danger of shrinking and warping brought on by climate change, particularly lower winter temperatures, the board has a solid core and a high-density core. composite decking boards feature one distinct colour on each side, which is visible when you turn them over. 

Color Board,

The move toward double-sided composite board goods has a few justifications. One of which being that merchants, builders, and installers won’t require as much extra storage space. It might be difficult for deck installers and designers who want a variety of colour selections. Since manufacturers sometimes do not want to offer fewer quantities of their materials.

kompositbräda have a water-repellent coating, and the colour doesn’t fade even after extensive usage.

Screws and Clips

To secure their composite decking boards to the joists, each manufacturer offers clips of their own design; some are made of plastic, while others are of stainless steel. Of course, stainless steel clips are more durable than plastic ones. Customers can contact a hardware shop for the right fasteners, or they can get them from composite board deck producers.


The installation of kompositgolv utomhus is beneficial for any house. In order to make your investment worthwhile, choose a product that won’t lose its colour over time or shrink or expand as a result of climatic change. It should also provide you with more design alternatives. Although the clips used in composite decking installations are concealed under the boards, their strength and quality are essential to the success of the project as a whole.

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