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What are The Ways To Fix The AOL Desktop Error 104

The AOL desktop error 104 is going to trouble you from time to time. This is why it is going to get very irritating as well. This error will occur at times when you are downloading the software. This can also occur when your device is not compatible with the AOL desktop gold software. Make sure that the device also has the connection and the updated net framework version which is 4.5.2. Let us take a deep view of what is the error and how are you going to resolve it. 

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What are the symptoms that you can face when the AOL desktop error 104 occurs:

  • Well, your active window is going to start to crash when the AOL error code 104 will happen. 
  • The AOL error message code 104 will appear on the screen. 
  • The windows will start to respond slowly to the mouse and the keyboard. 
  • The system is going to freeze periodically for at least a few seconds at a time. 

Let us now take a look at the steps that are significant to resolve the issue:

Installing an Antivirus scanner tool on your system:

Well, when you have scanner software installed in your system, then it is time that you need to look for the intruders. Well, if you have not got any, then you need to download or purchase one of the best and start with the following process:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to click on the anti-virus program that you will find on the taskbar. Search the hidden icons, if it is not there. Or what you can do is go to the start button and then select all programs and then select the installed malware programs and then start the file. 
  • Well, then you need to click on the scan icon on the new window. 
  • When you see that the file checking procedure is complete, you will have a list of malicious items. 
  • Also, select all the corrupted files and then click on the delete option. 

Check the compatibility with the PC:

When you see that your system specification is not matching with the AOL desktop gold, then there might be a reason why you must have been facing the situation for the AOL Desktop Error Code 104

If your PC is not compatible, then this process is not going to work. Thus the download will be counted as a failure. 

Make sure that you check the following compatibility system in order to solve the error:

  • The operating system must be windows 7, 8, or 10. 
  • Make sure that you free up the space to 1 GB RAM and disk space of 512 MB free.
  • The process in your PC must be at least 266 MHz or higher.
  • You must have an internet that is fast, strong, stable, as well as with unlimited data of the 4.5.2 version of the net framework. 
  • The screen resolution must be at least 1024×768. 

When you meet these requirements, then you are not going to face this error. 

Cleaning the junk files from the system:

Well, first you need to go to the start button and then make sure that you type the command in the search box. Well, hold the CTRL+shift Key and then press the enter key. 

You will see a dialog box that will appear on the screen and will be asking for permission in order to initiate the process. After that, you need to tap on YES. Make sure that you type in the ‘cleanmgr’ on the black screen and press enter from the keyboard. 

You will witness a disk cleanup box that will appear on the screen where you have to check the boxes for each category of the temporary files, cookies, caches that you want to remove. 

After that press OK.

This might help you to resolve the AOL Desktop Error Code 104. If you are still facing this situation, then follow the next step. 

Updating the system drivers:

Most of the time the AOL error code 104 will occur when there is an outdated or corrupted system driver.  This is why it becomes necessary that you update the printer drivers regularly and thus will be able to fix the AOL gold error

Make sure to update the windows:

Updating the windows is very important to prevent any download error from AOL. Enhancing the system files and will resolve all sorts of runtime or download issues. 

See how to update the windows:

  • Click the start button and type the update in the search box.
  • You will see that the windows update dialog box will appear and you have to select check for the updates.
  • If any updates are pending, then you need to update your windows. 

Restore the complete system:

When you run a system restore option, then your system will go back to the settings of the last time when you made any kind of system changes. This is the step that must be followed when all the solutions are not working out for you:

  • Start with clicking the start button 
  • Well, go to the options help and support. 
  • After that click on the pick a task. 
  • The next thing that you need to do is to select the option in order to undo the changes with the system restore option. 
  • When you are performing these steps, make sure that there is a dot in the restore my PC option.
  • After that, you need to press the next option.
  • Now you are required to type the date in bold font format. 
  • Finally, complete the process by clicking on the Next button. 

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Emails Helpline is very quick and reliable customer support offer proficient and excellent technical service to the users who are having any trouble with their email. You can reach through email, chats or you can call on our toll-free numbers US/Canada: +1-855-869-7373.

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