What Are The Various Selling Techniques On Amazon?

There are many different selling techniques available on Amazon. Dropshipping wholesale selling, and retail arbitrage. A very sought-after selling strategy nowadays is Amazon’s private brand products. 

Through the use of personal branding and establishing a customer base this method of selling has reached the top of the heap.

To be successful as a seller on the internet, we must first understand the various available methods of selling.

What are the various selling techniques on Amazon?

Before we dive into the complexities that go into the private label (PL) selling It’s fair to suggest that we first look into different selling strategies that are popular. Third-party sellers utilize a variety of methods and here’s a list of the most well-known ones:

Retail Arbitrage

The concept of “retail arbitrage” might be scary and daunting initially. However, in reality, this model is just the term used by laymen to describe “reselling”. 

Retail arbitrage is a simple process where all you need to do is find an outlet that is discounted so that you can purchase items at low prices.

It could include Walmart, Costco, or even online stores like eBay. After that, you’ll purchase the items you want to sell at your shop. It’s that simple!

Now, you may ask yourself, “if I can do this, then others can do this too”. In a sense, it’s true. However, not everyone has an entrepreneurial mindset or is keen to put in the work required to sell online.

They’d rather be customers than sellers. Retail arbitrage remains efficient and profitable so long as you locate the right items to market.

Be aware that you’re at the fate of the retail stores in this scenario. Because you depend on them for your supply and supplies, you’ll have no alternative if they are out of items.

Additionally, you aren’t able to bargain prices, as you can’t the case when you directly go to a manufacturer, or dealer. If you’re in the business of retail arbitrage it isn’t necessary to develop profitable Amazon private brand products.

Wholesale Selling

Wholesale selling is which allows you to buy large quantities directly from a distributor or manufacturer to cut your expenses. To sell online at a competitive price, you must reduce your acquisition costs lower. Wholesale selling is where wholesale excels.

Since you’ll receive the product directly from the manufacturer You’ll eliminate the middleman cost from the factor.

As opposed to retail arbitrage vendors don’t purchase their merchandise from the most popular retailers. This makes wholesaling more viable as a business strategy since there is no need to compete with discount shopping.

Since you can contract exclusivity to be an approved reseller claims regarding the authenticity of your product are easy to demonstrate.

The only disadvantage is that you’ll need lots of cash upfront for the initial start. Since you’ll buy in a large quantity, you have to purchase more items to receive lower prices from the manufacturers.

However, in contrast to Amazon private label products, where you must work on your brand, it’s not necessary with this particular model.

Handicraft and Handmade

You can create things with your hands? That’s great! Then you can earn money selling your art and other handmade products. 

Artwork, cross-stitch handmade pottery, hand-crafted artwork, and paintings are a few of the most popular items sold in this model of selling.

The most significant drawback to this method is that you aren’t able to expand your business. Since you are relying on your production of products, it isn’t possible to “order more” from the supplier.

If large, multiple orders begin to show up it will be a tough time completing everything in one go. Therefore, you must restrict the number of products you’re willing to offer when you want your items to be of top quality.


Are you looking to sell your products online however you don’t have a storage facility or warehouse and do not want to maintain an inventory. 

Drop shipping is a good option great for your needs. Dropshipping occurs when a seller directly procures products from a manufacturer which then completes the purchase for the client.

Drop shipping is similar to this. The first step is to post his products online and adds a commission to the price for each item that is sold. If a buyer decides to purchase the product the seller will contact the supplier and then forward his purchase.

The seller then fulfills the order and delivers the item under the name of the seller to the purchaser. 

When the buyer receives the product, the consumer will believe that the seller had sold him the item. The seller will then ship the product in the name of the seller.

Many drop shipping companies like Aliexpress.com are located outside of the United States. Therefore, one of the downsides of drop shipping is that it can be costly due to the length of time needed to receive the goods.

Furthermore, as the items are directly from the vendor You won’t have the time to conduct quality inspections. If the product is not as expected then the client won’t be very happy and could write an unfavorable review.

Private Label Selling

With this method, you develop your brand names and labels by changing an existing product. Through selling yourself Amazon private label items, you’ll build an established customer base that will keep coming back to purchase more.

For instance, you wish to sell winter socks however, you would like to offer them under your brand name. The first thing you must find is an industry leader who will make the product and then add your logo.

In this way, the product ceases to be “generic” and starts becoming “branded” under your name.

Selling on PL is one of the most popular methods of selling online. Selling Amazon private brand products can be extremely profitable. This is especially true if you locate a product that is profitable to market.

However, many sellers looking to get into this field require large beginning capital. Since you’ll be getting large quantities of goods through your suppliers, you’ll need to buy a lot of products to begin. 

Additionally, you must invest in your branding and marketing which are crucial to developing a loyal customer base.

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