What are the Steps to Resolve MS Word MSO.DLL Error in MS Office?

We all know that Microsoft Office has resolved our problems that are related to completing work assignments, timely and creatively. Those who don’t know about MSO.DLL, it is a vibrant link library that is created by MS Office and it is used by almost every MS Office program. The MSO.DLL errors appear as in the Windows that popped-up on-screen that generally comes up with a message saying “MSO.DLL was not found” or “MSO.DLL is missing”.

For more details on the MSO.DLL error then visits office.com/setup. In general, such errors are caused by missing or using a corrupted file that is linked with mso.dll and it can be fixed by reinstalling the mso.dll file. Make sure you have all the credentials ready with you at the time of putting or entering the details in the respective field. In this article, you will get to know the basics for resolving MS Word error that is also known as MSO.DLL error. So, let’s start the topic.


Quick steps to fix MS Word MSO.DLL error on your device

In this section, you will get to know the basic steps to fix MS Word MSO.DLL error, these steps are given below:

  1. First of all, you need to download “MSO.DLL” on the desktop from online dynamic link libraries on the ll-download.net platform. After this, tap on the “Start” and then tap on the “Computer” option.
  2. You just need to double-click on the “C: Drive,” “Windows” and “System32.” option.
  3. Once the system 32 folder opens, you have to drag the MSO.DLL file on the desktop.
  4. Now, you have to tap on the “Start” button.
  5. Just type on the “cmd” in the search bar and tap on the “Enter” button to access “Command Prompt” panel.
  6. After this, you have to type “regsvr32 mso.dll” in the “Command Prompt” screen and then tap on the “Enter” option.
  7. Tap on the “Command Prompt” and then restart the computer.

Point to understand:
If you are stuck in between the steps that are discussed, then you can visit office.com/setup for more detailed or elaborated instructions and guidelines.


In a conclusive viewpoint: 

In a hope that this article has explained all the details that are required for fixing MS Word MSO.DLL error, we wrap up this article. However, it is recommended that if you face issues and difficulties in completing these steps then visit office.com/setup and get elaborated instructions and guidance to fix such errors.


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