What Are The Most Common Uses Of Polyurethane Foams?

The Indian foam industry has skyrocketed over the last few decades. Polymer foams are now used in almost every market, whether it be construction or aerospace. With the advancement in technology, the kinds of foam have also evolved. One of the most popular kinds of foam is polyurethane foam. Its high quality and durable nature make it the most popular foam type on the market.

Polyurethane foam, also known as PU foam, is a versatile foam designed for human comfort and long life. The structure of PU foam is open cellular, making it resistant to ageing and oxidation. Polyurethane foam comes in solid and gas phases, making it compatible for wider usage. With its porous nature and high durability, polyurethane foam has the edge over all other foams.

How Are Polyurethane Foams Made?

The process of producing polyurethane foam is quite complex, as it requires several raw materials such as polyols, diisocyanate and other blowing agents. First, diisocyanate and polyols react together to form the main polymer chain for the foam. Then many blowing agents are involved, responsible for producing the gas for its porous structure. Lastly, the catalysts are used to control the rate of reaction and gas generation.

After the reaction of raw materials, the process is divided into two stages – the polymer preparation stage and foam production. The polymer preparation stage ensures that the prepared components are correctly merged before passing them on. Then the polymerisation process takes place with diisocyanate and the blowing agents.

After this stage, the foam is extracted through various foaming machines and techniques. And once the foaming process finishes, the material is passed on to the cutting stage using different high-tech foam cutting machines.

Most Common Uses Of Polyurethane Foams

Polyurethane foam has its roots in almost every industry there is. With its high tensile strength and ability to handle a heavy load, Polyurethane foam is demanded by every sector of the market. Here lies a detailed view of the most common uses of polyurethane foam.

⦾ Furnishing and Bedding

Polyurethane foam is widely used in the bedding and furnishing industry. With its cushioning nature and comfortable structure, PU foam is used to make room carpets and mattresses. The density of Polyurethane foam decides the kind of mattress you want to build. Light polyurethane foam is used for manufacturing baby mattresses, while a more long-lasting and tougher foam is used for adult mattresses.

With its porous nature, Polyurethane foam can be cut and shaped easily into the desired form. This makes it ideal for making different kinds of furniture and cushions for your house. Not only that, flexible polyurethane foams are used exclusively for manufacturing the interior seats and covers of automobiles.

⦾ Construction Industry

Due to its high-performing nature, polyurethane foam is used in many construction projects. It is solid but lightweight and also durable, making it the prime choice for designing aesthetic houses and buildings. Furthermore, because of its energy-insulating nature, it is preferred to build homes, ensuring their safety from high electricity leaks.

Polyurethane foam is also used as a sealant to fill unnecessary gaps and prevent gas leaks and water leakage. Moreover, PU foams are also used as fire stops by various nuclear power plants to stop accidentally ignited fires.

⦾ Aerospace Industry

Polyurethane foam has many properties like rigid structure and high density, making it the right fit for the aerospace industry. For example, the seats in a passenger airplane are usually embellished using PU foam. Polyurethane foam is also widely used for insulating airplane walls, ceilings, and baggage sections.

Polyurethane foam in the liquid stage is also used to paint an airplane’s exterior to avoid air leakage. Its resilient and resistive properties provide the perfect insulation from the air. Without this coating, it becomes impossible to maintain the inner air gravity of the aircraft. The protective layer also increases the lifespan of the material, giving it a refined look as well.

⦾ Sponges and Packaging

Due to its high tensile strength and flexible nature, polyurethane foam is often used in the manufacturing of sponges. Sponges made using polyurethane foams are tear-proof and are used to scrub even hard surfaces. Most of the kitchen and bathroom sponges are made using polyurethane foams. They do not deteriorate quickly, making the sponge durable for a long time.

Polyurethane foams are also the most common choice in packaging. They are used in packing delicate and sensitive items for an extended shipment. Foam cutting machines cut polyurethane foams into the required shape and size of the product. PU foam provides complete protection and the cushioning needed to sustain any kind of impact.

⦾ Medical Industry

The usage of PU foams in the medical industry is also thriving fast. Various kinds of medical equipment like surgical drapes, dressings, catheters, armrests, head supports and injection devices are made using polyurethane foam. They provide the strength, endurance and biocompatibility required to complement the complexity of medical equipment.

Components of various health devices like artificial hearts and pacemakers are also constructed using a variant of polyurethane foam. Medical equipment can be very costly. Therefore their longevity is crucial. The use of polyurethane foam can increase the lifespan significantly.

⦾ Used in Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is required in every high electronic equipment and for the safety of houses. Polyurethane foam provides excellent heat resisting properties making it the ideal choice for insulation. While building your dream home, insulating the walls with rigid and low-density polyurethane can help keep the heat out during the hot summer days.

Another reason why Polyurethane foam coating is preferred is its long life span. Great longevity will result in low maintenance and can save a lot of money. In addition, it keeps the carbon omission out of the house, providing you with a cooler environment.

⦾ Footwear, Elastomers and Adhesives

Footwear and elastomers are the most commonly used items in the daily household. They require high durability and comforting nature. Especially athletic footwears need to be more supportive and durable. The use of polyurethane foam in them fulfills all the requirements giving the material a long life.

Now talking about elastomers, they can be found in many products, from gel pads to gaskets. They require highly resilient and elastic properties. For example, gel pads need a solid material to hold their shape when molded while maintaining their composure.

Unique variants of polyurethane foams are also used for making adhesives, typically wooden glue. Due to its water-resisting nature, it has the edge over all other kinds of glues. And the strong bonding factor of polyurethane is the most crucial factor a good quality glue requires.


Undoubtedly, Polyurethane Foam is the most favored foam in every industry. With a plethora of features, polyurethane foam is the perfect foam choice in the market. It is strong and lightweight; it has high tensile strength with impeccable heat-resisting properties. As a result, polyurethane foam is hugely used in medical, construction, aerospace and furnishing industries.

The use of polyurethane foam will entirely be dependent on your requirement. Furthermore, the foam will be cut depending on the products you want to build. Therefore, finding suitable machines to cut your foam just the way you want becomes crucial. Santech Industries the leading foam machine manufacturer provide the best foaming machines and cutting solutions with high performance and long service. With world-class German technology and low maintenance, Santech Industries offer utmost customer satisfaction alongside premium quality!


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