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What Are The Different Types Of Plumbing Tools You Should Have At Your Home?

A plumber in Dural will have most of these tools in their toolbox if not all of them. These are the necessities if you want to work with water systems in the bathroom or the kitchen. You will not have a fully stocked toolbox for your home, but having some of these on hand will be a boon. 

For times when you have a leaky faucet or a clogged drain and no plumbing technician that can arrive in a short time. You will be able to fix small and annoying problems yourself, but only if you have the right tools.  

What are the different tools that you have?

  • Wrenches – 

These are the most common and helpful tools for plumbers. Even if you decide to get only a couple of tools, this should be one of those. There are many different types of wrenches. There are various size options as well. But, getting only the standard size should be sufficient. 

  • Pipe wrench – 

As the name suggests, this is used for pipes. Or, more specifically, the bolts that hold the pipes together. If you wish to work with pipes, then you need this wrench. These are some of the largest wrenches out there, and a plumber in Dural works with a set of them. But for home purposes, again, just the standard size should be enough. 

  • Basin wrench – 

This one is made especially for faucets. It has a t shaped end and clamp mechanism on the other end of the wrench. A basin wrench can reach the narrow spaces of the base easily. 

  • Adjustable wrench – 

This wrench has a more diverse application instead of only working for a single bolt. However, it is best suited for hexagonal bolts found on pipes. 

  1. Thread sealing tape – 

These tapes are used to seal any leaking points and make sure that there is no leaking in the future. You can use them at connecting points between two pipes, maybe to make the connection and remove any possible opening for the water to escape from. 

The market has the cheaper variety and the more expensive variety. It is better to go for the expensive one as they are more durable. The high-quality tapes retain their shape even during temperature changes. They can even stretch better than the cheaper tapes. On the other hand, if you get low-quality tapes, you might have to replace them often. 

  1. Plumbing brushes – 

These can be life-saving tools. Clogged drains are some things that can happen all the time. With these brushes, you can clean the walls of the drain yourself. Regular cleaning can make sure that your pipes do not get blocked. 

The Bottom Line 

Although in situations where the issue seems to be a little too big, you should call a plumbing company immediately. If you poke around the problem when you do not understand it exactly, you can make it worse. There are several plumbing companies in Dural that you can call, such as Rectify Plumbing 

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