What Are The Different Types Of Lawyers?

Qualified lawyers Townsville have the job of fighting for what’s right and serving justice to people. They are responsible for showing that every individual is equal and deserves a fair trial attorney.

A lawyer or an attorney can not always be experienced in fighting all kinds of scenarios; hence, there are many types of lawyers, and each is an expert to fight for justice in their fields. 

Here are the different kinds of lawyers that we would be discussing today –

Personal Injury Lawyer –

They are responsible for helping you get the entitled compensation when you or your loved ones face any accident or injury. Their job includes helping the victims and their families with the necessary help, filing cases, collecting evidence, framing the case, and interacting with the insurance companies to have a fair settlement to get the compensation for all the damages you have suffered. 

Intellectual Property Lawyers

The work of IP lawyers includes advising commercial clients about commercial viability and mechanisms of marketing of their creation. An IP lawyer would negotiate on behalf of the creator or inventor to secure their work’s copyright, patents, licensing agreements, and trademark. They have to have expertise in innovation trends, business, and other intellectual property laws like e-commerce, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Hence, they also have to deal with several different companies. 

Corporate Lawyers

They have complete knowledge of business basics like building, managing, maintaining, transferring, and dissolving them. Lawyers in these fields deal with tax compliance, acquisitions, employment contracts, and mergers. They are also responsible for negotiating and settling disputes with individuals or corporate bodies. 

Criminal Lawyer

When anyone you know is charged with any crime, a criminal lawyer is a person you need to go to. They are skilled in tackling criminal lawsuits at all stages. They guide their clients through the investigation, charging, trial period, and sentencing. An experienced criminal lawyer is an expert at handling the nuances of the law and can keep his client out of prison.

Malpractice lawyers –

Malpractice cases have professionals like doctors, accountants, or other government officials being sued for violating their duties. There are very few attorneys practicing malpractice lawsuits. These cases help professionals entrusted with law responsibilities and fulfill their obligations completely.

Tax Lawyers-

Tax lawyers have the job of making taxes easier for their clients along with the accountants, especially in cases where they own multiple assets. They can help you keep your taxes in order if you set up any taxable asset or estate. They would help you help sort the dispute with the IRS, and the knowledge they have about the litigations and court proceedings is what makes them different from an accountant.

Family lawyer –

Whenever you are torn between any domestic case like divorce, adoption, child custody, emancipation, and so on, a family lawyer is designated to sort these problems out.


These are some of the essential types of lawyers and attorneys followed by similarly relevant fields where lawyers are practicing law and helping people out. Therefore, it is vital that you assess a situation correctly and then choose the correct type of lawyer. 

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