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What are the best tourist attractions in France?

If you call yourself a traveler or someone who wants to travel the world, France should top your list for sure. The country has everything you would dream of during the best vacation of your life. The locals call it “L’Hexagon,” and this is because of its six-sided shape. Every corer f this beautiful country has something that will sur[rise you to your core. The capital city, Paris itself, has so many places to be that you can never cover the entire area even if you visit here for a month. This is why we have made your task easy and prepared a list of the best tourist attractions in France. Also, we recommend you check out Delta Vacation Packages to get amazing deals on your flight bookings to France.

  • Paris: France

Should we even mention this place under the list, or is it too obvious that whenever you visit France, Paris has to be on the top of your list? This capital city of France is a little heaven for people in love and has the most visited tourist attraction in the world, the Eiffel tower. The city is also very famous for its delicious fresh baked goods and cute little cafes. Other attractions of the city are the Louver Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Latin Quarter, and Boulevard Saint-Germain-de-Prés. The city is known for its art and culture along with all the tourist destinations and amazing food.

  • Bordeaux

A bit far from Paris, Bordeaux is best to be visited during the sunset. The area is surrounded by beautiful sky-touching hills and has huge castles. You can come here with your ids and your partner and have a lot of fun. Many people like to explore this place while riding cycles, which you can rent from the outside of the area. The region has not one but two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Bordeaux and the Saint-Émilion. Both of these sites have any place to be while enjoying a ride.

  • Mont Saint-Michel: France

If you are looking for local, aesthetic vibes in France, visit Mont Saint-Michel. This landscape has cows grazing on the fresh grass, apple orchards, ad woodlands. This place has been ranked number one by the Normandy tourist destinations under their list of the best place to visit in France. Highlights of this location are the Abbey, The Parish Church and Museums of History, Tidal Island, and Maritime and Ecology.

  • Arles

Listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Arles is a vintage city in France. It is located on the place where River Rhône bifurcates meets the sea. The lanes and houses here are not all about modern architecture. You will find buildings that are thousand years old and have not been modified. The beauty of the city has been the biggest inspiration of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh, and many of his artworks are inspired from here only. The key attractions of the town are Cloître Saint-Trophime,  Arles Amphitheatre, Musée Départemental de l’Arles Antique, and Montmajour Abbey.

  • Biarritz

If you want to be at a place close to the sea and water life, you must visit Biarritz with your family. The place is very famous amongst the tourists, and many and hence is very crowded throughout the year. You and your family can enjoy many water activities here, such as surfing, hitting clubs, and hubs, and the best time to be here is night. The nightlife across the coastline is mesmerizing and very fun. All the tourists hit the pubs or bonfire outside the pub and have a wonderful relaxing wonderful night by the sparkling water of the sea.

  • Strasbourg: France

The capital of the Alsace region of northeast France, this city is housed by the European parliament. It is located very close to the borders of Germany. This is why the city is a blend of the French and German styles, be it in architecture or structures. The main highlight of Strasbourg is the old cathedral of the Gothic people. Other places tourists must visit when they come here are Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, Eglise de Saint-Thomas, Quartier des Tanneurs, and Palais Rohan Strasbourg.

  • Fontainebleau

Fountainebleau is located approximately 55.5 km away from Paris. For the nature lover inside you, this place is the best place to be during your holiday to France. Luscious greens and clean water lands surround the city. You and your friends can be as adventurous as you at here. You can try rock climbing and trekking in the Fontainebleau. The highlights of this place are Foret de Fontainebleau, Entrance to Chateau de Fontainebleau Grounds, and Chateau de Fontainebleau.

  • Chambord

The main reason why people from all around the globe visit Chambor is because of the Chateau, around which this whole city has been settled down. This city is all about its mind-blowing architecture a vintage and mesmerizing structural designs and style. Along what the outside of the Chateau, the interior design of this place is also done with utmost precision and will leave you in awe. You can go inside, take a look at the king’s and the queen’s main chambers on the first floor. You can also gasp some of the best views of the city from the rooftop of the palace.

  • Burgundy

Situated in the east-central part of France, Burgundy is a city like you ould imagine a picture-perfect town in your mind. The whole place is about its greenery and the luscious trees and greens. If you want to taste some of the best and the wine in the rawest form, you can get a taste of the win here. Along with that, the place also has museums with some of the artifacts and artworks that depict the history of this city. You can come here to have a peaceful, quiet time away from the hustle of the city.

France is a must-visit place and must at least visit there for once. To make that dream come true, make sure to make Delta Airlines booking from the Delta Airlines book a flight option available on their website and visit France with your family at a reasonable flight ticket fare and utmost comfort.

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