What are the advantages of renting a water cooler for your office?

Renting a mains fed water cooler or a Bottled Water Dispenser can often be the most financially beneficial choice for small to medium-sized businesses. When you rent a cooler you have full cover for maintenance, a no-hassle delivery service of the water bottles, and a supplier you can talk to whenever you need them.

With access to instant servicing, installation and delivery of supplies for your rented mains fed water cooler, you could actually save your business money, whilst freeing up valuable time for you to focus on running your business.

The Advantages of Renting a Mains Fed Water Cooler

As stated, all servicing and maintenance is included in the package price of a mains fed water cooler, providing you with complete peace of mind. The benefits don’t end there, read on for more:

Filters need to be replaced on a regular basis as water cooler systems can build up a ‘bio film’ on internal components over time, which can pose a germicidal hazard. As part of your service plan agreement, a specialist will change the filter on your water cooler every 6 months, ensuring that the system remains clean and sanitary. With mains fed rented water cooler, you can be assured that everyone in your office is getting the best possible quality of fresh, clean water.

  • Improved Cleanliness Regime

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) independently audits rented water coolers, ensuring that all machines are kept to the highest standards in the industry. As part of your rental service package, a technician will periodically sanitize your mains-fed water dispenser to strict BWCA requirements, guaranteeing that your water cooler is clean and safe to drink from at all times.

  • Maintenance

Whilst bottled water dispensers rarely malfunction, if ever at all, they must be repaired or replaced. As part of a regular maintenance package, your service provider will come out and fix or replace your water cooler for no extra charge. This works out much cheaper and easier than having to replace the machine yourself. It really is the best option for many businesses to rent a mains-fed water cooler.

  • Delivery and Installation

Buying a bottled water dispenser is one thing, but are you confident in your abilities to install it correctly? Business owners who choose a rental agreement benefit from having a specialist install all the equipment before testing it to ensure everything works correctly. This eliminates any ‘unknowns’, and you know how much you have to pay and when you need to pay it, so you can therefore budget accordingly.

  • Monthly Rental Payments

If you choose a Mains Fed Water Cooler For Rent, you’ll sign a contract that details all you need to know, including the amount you’ll pay each month. As a result, rather than being hit with a single hefty payment, you’ll be able to pay in smaller monthly installments, which will help with cash flow.

  • More Choice

If you choose a mains fed water cooler to rent, you’ll have the option to upgrade the machine at any point throughout the contract, and if choose either a rented bottled water dispenser or a mains-fed water cooler, you can be confident that your clients and coworkers will have access to high-quality hydration, without the costs and hassle of purchasing any equipment yourself.

If it’s a low-cost, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly method of distributing water that you’re looking for; renting a water cooler is the best option for you.

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