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What are the 6 Best Hot Spots in Asia for Undertaking Incredible Journeys?

Asia is an amazing continent that is speckled by hot spots, attractions and stimulating history. The level of historical significance overflows because there is extravaganza and richness of incidents as well as events that have taken place over a period of time. Asia for its very obviousness is a large continent with a majority of the population and quite obviously there is also rich biodiversity. Asia is the continent, which provides travellers with diversified experiences of all sorts and across all times. The choice of cheap flights to Asia will let you travel to almost all happening tourist destinations of Asia.

Big Continent Where Excitement Never Fails

Can you guess for a moment that there is a continent comprising as many as 49 states, 6 territories and also 6 states and each one of them have a great culture, cult and amazement? Well, quite often these thoughts may often get you through a superb experience that runs down memory lane and keeps everything pointed and balanced on to the keel. Asia is the home where you are going to find the best attractions and enriching spots, which are also quite enthusiastic and at times also turn into entirely metaphysical destinations. Here are a few travel destination spots that travellers would never like to miss out on:

#1. Terracotta Sculptures China:

Army of First Chinese Emperor Quite surprising as it may seem, the Terracotta Army is a symbolic representation of the Chinese Army maintained by the premier emperor of China. This Terracotta depiction comprises horses, armed soldiers and decorated chariots. Quite interesting to note is that the special funerary art form lay buried with the emperor. The key purpose of this Terracotta depiction was only to lend protection to the Qin Shi Huang in the process of his afterlife.

The detailed study of Terracotta Sculptures clearly points out the portrayal of not less than 120 horses belonging to the Royal Cavalry, Royal Chariots equal to 130 in number, and as many as fully armed soldiers that were almost 8000 in number. Cheap flights to Asia would definitely take you through the most surprising times of Chinese History, where you are going to feel as you are living a life in rich royalty. Besides the military statues, travellers who are travelling to China may likely come across statues of Non-Military stature, which includes musicians, strongmen, and a wide range of officials.

#2. Ocean Park Southern District, Hong Kong:

It Earns high popularity as Ocean Park with the animal theme. It is strategically located around Nam Long Shan as well as Wong Chuck Hang both of which are in the Southern District of Hong Kong. This animal-themed park comprises a marine mammal park, oceanarium, and amusement park. This offers plenty of life to offer and equal excitement too. This Ocean Park of Hong Kong is indeed Asia’s biggest and among the 13th parks. These are visited by travellers from all around the globe. The park is settled on acreage totalling more than 226. And is bifurcated as The Summit and The Waterfront. It is also separated by a colossal mountainous zone in the middle. There are cheap international Asia flights from Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Oceania that fly to Hong Kong and are packed with passengers.

#3. Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia:

This solid rock foundation based in Indonesia alludes to a fascinating pseudonym – “Home in the Sea”. Along with a religious site of the Hindus famous by the name Pura Tanah Lot. This amazing temple was constructed during the times of Dang Hyang Nirartha in the 16th Century. The key deity of this temple is none other than God of the Sea, or the Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara. The temple is in line with the six other temples that lines up along the Bali coast. Again, if you want to take a memorable and fascinating journey to this part of Asia, shop around for cheap flights to Asia. Applying the shopping and comparison strategy would let you get the best deals on the international Asian airlines.

#4. Kenting National Park, Taiwan:

It is a superb and inspiring National Park situated in the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County in Taiwan. The entire region of Park encircles the big and small townships of Checheng, Hengchun and Manzhouli. Kenting National Park is one of the oldest living national parks in Taiwan. The entire zone around the national park is popular for tropical climate. It is also famous for scenic mountains that create an astral ambience around for travellers. Kenting National Park is also the venue where they organize the annual festival of the Spring Scream rock-band festival.

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#5. Kinkaku-Ji, Kyoto, Japan:

Kinkaku-Ji is symbolically known to be the “Temple of the Golden Pavilion,”. The fascinating piece of Japanese architecture is located in Kyoto, Japan. The popular destination is a key attraction in Asia. It is where thousands of tourists visit each year and always make their presence. It is also well-known and established as National Special Landscape and National Special Historic Site. Travellers may find it interesting to note that Golden Pavilion was completely destroyed during Onin War. And the new structure came into existence in the year 1955.

#6. Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore:

It is a super amazing theme park that has a history of transforming into one of the resorts. It became one of the second universal studios that became fully functional. The entire theme park covers 49 Acres, comprising 21 rides, and among which 6 are functioning as rollercoasters. If you are searching for quality fun and high levels of excitement, you are going to find it happening right here at Universal Studios in Singapore.

Flights to Asia

In case you are looking around for the cheap airfares on the trips to Asia, then, at that point, sit tight for some time as there is a wide scope of choices accessible and it will be a welcome proposal for you. Take a memorable journey to Asia, by booking around the cheap flights to Asia. There are many international flights available and one can book them from anywhere and at any point in time.

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