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What Are Shell Homes?

Almost all of us have a dream of owning a house someday. Some people prefer buying ready-made homes because they don’t want to wait. In contrast, others invest their time, effort, and resources to get an ideal home for themselves. Building a custom home is very challenging and requires a big investment, so you might want to consider “shell homes.” 

Shell homes are built by custom builders from Kingsbridge Homes and constructed the house to give it a structure until the drywall. The homeowner then takes over the work to finish the building process. A shell home looks desirable and tempting, but it also presents many challenges that might cost you a lot of money and effort in the long run. 

Here is a list of things that can weigh on you while completing a shell home.

  • You Become The General Contractor: Once you take over the work of completing the construction, you automatically get into the role of a general contractor. That means you will coordinate and hire professionals such as plumbers, electricians, and masons because you can’t do all the work by yourself. 

It would also be difficult for builders to provide you with laborers and sub-contractors because they are never one-off projects. Also, taking up the responsibilities will mean you have to check the subcontractors’ insurance, licensing, and records all by yourselves. All this will require more effort and time. Hence it will delay the process of construction. 

  • Acquisition Of Materials: Along with labor shortage, there is also a shortage of construction material in the industry. It is easier for builders for home designs Melbourne to acquire materials because they always purchase high-quantity. Whereas it is difficult for homeowners to acquire materials as they might not have a good relationship with the suppliers and may also face high prices. 

Another problem they are going to face is the exchange of materials. It would be very difficult for a non-builder to exchange and get the replacement of the disordered material. All these problems delay the construction work.

  • Higher Price: The builders who have a license and purchase materials regularly enjoy the leverage of discount. But no such leverage is offered to a non-builder or a homeowner because they purchase materials in small quantities. 

Hence the homeowners face unexpected high materials prices while purchasing, which can be financially draining. Plus, the DIY work takes longer for construction, so the longer the project goes on, the more money goes into it. Also, the price of materials continues to increase in the meantime. The builder will take less time and will complete the work with less expenditure.

  • Quality concern: Custom builder such as builders from Kingsbridge Homes is going to look after every construction work that is being done. This will ensure a quality check as well as manage time and budget. While the DIY workers will do all the fixes and repair works alone, the quality will go for a toss. 

Shell homes are tempting because you get to complete the construction process with personalized designs. But since you are a non-builder, you would lack knowledge of many things which will adversely affect the quality of the house.


Shell homes are good but not for everyone, especially if one is on budget. Consider these limitations if you are still willing to build a shell home.

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