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Wellness Essentials For A Healthy Living Room

Live a Healthy Life with a Healthy Living Room

Putting your heart in the design of your home makes it a place of relaxation and peace. Unless you find comfort in stepping onto your living room, the well-furnished space wouldn’t be healthy. The way you decorate your living space indicates your lifestyle.

However, the decoration isn’t enough. You need to create a comfortable living room that will keep your well-being in check. Home decor should be useful and functional. If you refurbish your home through recognition of what your needs are, then you will end up creating a healthy living room.

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How has the layout of living rooms changed in Covid-19?

  • Earlier, you used to decorate your living room to make it look presentable. This has changed extensively in this pandemic. Several other pieces of furniture need to be laid out along with sofa sets, tea tables, chairs, and wooden cabinets.
  • Living rooms were mostly used for guest interactions before this pandemic began. Then again, covid-19 has transformed the purpose altogether. Now, you have to make space in your living room for work from home set up, online schooling set up for your kids, and even space for indoor exercise.

All these need to be accommodated if you have a shortage of space in your home.

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What are the essentials that need to be kept in the entrance of the living room?

The Government has sanctioned stringent regulations about staying at home always except for emergencies. So, abide by that if you don’t want the virus to make its way to your living room. A checklist for essential items you should keep near the main door is given below –

  1. Keep a sanitizer at your hand’s reach so that you can use it before you step inside the room after having touched railings and other non-disinfected outdoor items.

2.  Keep a face mask along with the sanitizer so that you are alarmed to wear it every time you have to step out.

3. Keep a small shoe rack near the entryway so that you can remove your footwear before you step inside.

4. Lastly, if you have an online delivery, then either tell the delivery boy to wear gloves while he hands the item to you or ask him to keep it on the floor. The latter is an easier option as you can disinfect the parcel and bring it inside the living room.

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Therefore, we request you to ardently take the home protection measures so that you have a healthy living room.

How to keep your living room germ-free and healthy?

  • Use a popular and effective technique called HEPA filtration with air scrubbers to get rid of dust, pollutants, and fleas too.
  • Use an easy technique like vacuuming and mopping floors to get rid of bacteria.
  • There are chances that visitors will fiddle with your electronic devices like television. So, sanitize the devices keenly after the visitor has left.

Top three furniture layouts for maximum utilization of your living room –

1.    Make the TV the center of attraction –

Naturally, you and your family members will spend a lot of their unwinding time on the sofa watching TV. So, you don’t want to bend their neck or suffer from neck pain. Hence, we advise you to use the television as the centerpiece and arrange the sofas around it accordingly.

2.    Rearrange your sofa set –

It is an isolation period and you all are stuck at home. So, it is very likely that family members will spend a lot of time catching up and snacking together. So, arrange the sofas in a way that you are face to face with other members so that there is direct interaction.

3.    Divide the space for multi-purpose activities

Your home is no longer just a home. It is your office, your kids’ school, your workout area, and even your conference room. So, follow these easy steps to make sure you use the space in the living room to a maximum level –

  • Shift all the furniture against the walls so that there is a little open area for you to do yoga and light workout sessions.
  • Divide the living room into a relaxation space and online school plus office area. Keep the sofa and coffee table in the former section. Keep the desk, chair, storage cabinets in the latter section.

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Additional wellness tips for a healthy living room –

●  Physical decluttering into narrowing down the objects into a minimal list of essentials is very therapeutic. It makes you realize the value of each and everything you have selected to keep forever. A decluttered room indicates a clean soul.

  • If you want to design your living room for wellness purposes, then try out maintaining a few indoor plants which will prevent your body from getting in contact with toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.
  • You can also keep a wellness gadget called an air purifier in the room.
  • Rugs, carpets might look fancy and give a bohemian vibe but tend to avoid those because they breed dust, bacteria, fungus.

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Your living room set up must transmit mental and physical wellness and positivity. After all, that is where you undo all stress buttons and clear your head. Therefore, promote your mind’s well-being by applying these wellness essential items for a healthy living room.

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