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Website issues and ways to effectively prevent consequences

The stability and loading speed of a website creates the first impression of your business. That’s why it’s important to understand that you won’t get a second chance when it comes to the user experience. After all, an unstable website or its slow loading speed is one of the most unpleasant things that will drive people away from your resource.

High-performing websites result in more return visits, a low bounce rate, higher conversions, engagement, higher organic search positions and a better user experience. Slow or unstable websites, in turn, will cost you money and a damaged reputation. By reducing page load times and improving page stability, you’ll have a positive impact on your marketing and sales processes. You’ll get more traffic and attract more qualified leads that you can convert into customers. 

stability and loading speed website monitoring

Common website operation and loading speed issues

Every website owner or webmaster simply needs to know what they will encounter during their work. This knowledge is necessary to understand what to pay attention to in the process of troubleshooting and how to solve them.

  • Technical problems on the servers where the website is located. This may include both failed hardware and network failures, as well as problems in hosting organization at the logical level.
  • The discrepancy between the hosting speed and the load on the site (high traffic). In other words, there is a discrepancy between the actual and the claimed hosting performance. That is, a lot of visitors came. And then either you calculated the bandwidth incorrectly, or you were deceived by greedy hosting. Or there may be a neighboring website on the same server that consumes a lot of resources.
  • Problems with the site. Unoptimized scripts, a database on someone else’s server, incomprehensible cascading redirects can lead to the fact that the average visitor will be at least uncomfortable using the site.
  • DDoS attacks and viruses. There may be situations when your website is being attacked by hackers, including DDoS and HTTP flood. When someone (hacker or hackers) or something (botnet) generates a huge number of simultaneous requests to a website.  This also includes viruses and other malware.
  • Late payment for services. If you do not pay for hosting, forget to renew the domain or do not renew the SSL certificate, the website will naturally close. At best, for a few hours.

Common website operation and loading speed issues

Effective tools for website monitoring

All of the above is excellent proof and the reason why website monitoring is vital – it keeps you informed of everything that happens to the website you are responsible for, and allows you to respond to those events. However, it’s very difficult to do everything you need to properly monitor a website if you’re using a ton of independent software tools and scripts. Especially knowing that there are many useful services out there that will make your job of monitoring your website easier, allow you to respond faster, and reduce your response time.

So, you will need something reliable to automatically monitor websites, and one of the best services of this kind is HostTracker. It is a website monitoring service that you can try for free and without any credentials or payment information before you sign up for it. With this service, you can:

Effective tools for website monitoring

  • Check website availability from 140+ locations via HTTP, ICMP(ping), SMTP, SNMP, TCP. 
  • Monitor website content and databases.
  • Check if a domain/IP is on one of the known DNSBL blacklists.
  • Monitor domain and security certificate expiration.
  • Identify page response and loading speeds.
  • Diagnose your server performance in real-time.
  • Automatically pause Google Ads campaigns if your website is down, and start them up again if it’s up.
  • Collect detailed statistics with the ability to upload reports in PDF, CSV, or XML format. 
  • Send problem notifications via Email, SKYPE, Hangouts, Telegram, other messengers, or even SMS.

In general, it is a web toolkit specially designed for fully automated monitoring of websites. It includes a huge number of services that every website owner or webmaster may need to monitor any website from different locations and from different available points of view. And you will unlock the full potential of the website monitoring capabilities immediately after registration. Each new user receives a 30-day trial package, thereby gaining access to a full set of tools.

Way to constantly and effectively monitor your website

To regularly check the health and availability of your web resources with HostTracker tools, you need to register in the system and assign the corresponding tasks. Over time, detailed statistical reports and graphs will be created for each task, which will greatly facilitate the analysis of data, displaying it in an understandable, representative form.

Within a few seconds after registering with HostTracker, each user can initiate some configurable automatic checks by clicking the “Add Checks” button. And then you need to select one from the drop-down list. Once all the necessary checks are set up, all that remains is to click “Add Contacts” to add contacts for notifications, if necessary. HostTracker will send a notification if for some reason one or more checks fail.

Way to constantly and effectively monitor your website

This system will check your websites and servers for availability and performance at regular intervals. And the system will run checks from various access points around the world. And if there are problems, you will be notified of the problems. Moreover, the service will collect all statistics from the reports of all checks.

To notify users about problems with the stability and availability of the website, this system uses a variety of free notification methods, from e-mail to widespread Internet messengers. Only when necessary does the system notify users with phone calls or SMS messages. The system also will send minimal fake alerts if you configure it properly. That way, they won’t get lost in the flow of information. And if serious problems arise, these people will know about them as soon as possible. 

This makes such a useful service a must for every webmaster or website owner who wants to be always in touch with the websites’ status. Especially when there’s no time for constant website monitoring. And if there’s a need in completing urgent website upgrades or more important tasks.

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