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Website Designing Best Practices Explained

If you have started to read this article, it is probably because you were searching for some solutions related to your current business website’s improvement. To be very frank, the topic that we have chosen here today is related to not just existing websites, but the same ideas can be implemented, if you are looking to get a new website built for your company.

This would involve a number of things and primarily, you will need the services of a web design India company, followed by the understanding of what web designing is and how does it help your website in taking your business further. Yes, a website’s design certainly helps in this, but for this to happen, it is equally important that some best web designing practices are followed and we will be covering the detail of some of them here in this article. 


In the simple terms, web design of web designing is an umbrella term that has so many processes and steps included in it. When a team from the chosen WordPress website design company India engages in web designing, this means that it is engaging in so many tasks that mainly include website layout, content generation, graphic designing and so on. Right at this point of time, one more thing that the people should know is that “web development” and “web designing” are used interchangeably; but the web designing is basically a category that falls under a bigger umbrella known as “web development”.

All these technical processes described above are of no use at all, if the best practices related to web designing are not followed. There are some recommendations made by the experts and they even say that these best practices have to be followed before the website is launched. The reason why they say so is that customers these days have become too much choosy and prefer quality over anything. Then, they are also more informed these days with the patience level dropping to absolute zero particularly for the websites of sub-standard. There are some factors that you need to consider at the time of website designing as they will ensure that your focus stays totally on the best practices related to web design India.

  • Branding Consistency
  • Importance Of Logo On Your Website
  • Importance Of Market Position
  • Including A Strong Call-To-Action
  • Website Goal Creation
  • Factors That Influence A High-Converting Page
  • Quick Load Time
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Correct Image Formats
  • Address Cache Issues
  • Valuate Plugins
  • HTTP Keep-Alive Response Headers
  • Enable Compression
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Schema
  • XML
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Desktop Vs. Mobile
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Info
  • Back To Top Buttons
  • Retargeting Via Email Marketing
  • Sync To Website
  • Present Icons
  • Connect Your Social Media
  • Quality Images
  • Capitalizing With Icons
  • Decrease Bounce Rate
  • Chatbots
  • Color Scheme
  • Brand Personality

Let us have a look at look at some of the top names present here in this list; beginning with Branding Consistency


It is important for business owners to understand the importance of branding because without it, a business would not be able to crawl ahead even an inch. Business owners think that marketing their product is also business branding; but the fact is that marketing products and branding your company are two totally different ball games. Branding can include a wide number of digital assets including photos, graphics on your page, podcasts and video, logos and anything else you decide to use to promote your brand and increase your brand value.


According to reputed WordPress website developer, the business logo happens to be one of the most critical aspects related to your business’s existence as well as business branding too. The reason is that this is the first thing that visitors or potential customers see as they land on the website. This is why, experts from every WordPress web design company India suggest that experimenting is must, but you should always be very serious about your business logo. Mostly researches, studies tell that the traditional spot; i.e. the upper left corner is the best place because Google search bots will quickly pick up your logo under the “image” search option that more people are using now.

There are some recommendations regarding the content of the logo too and WordPress website developers say that there should be measures taken that help you show a visual representation of what your brand, business or company is all about.


Some websites are all-inclusive or complete in terms of web design India, but still they lack the attraction or the charisma that they should have. This is majorly due to the absence of a strong CTA or Call To Action button. Remember that whatever user—experience you are delivering; it will certainly work and push the visitor to enter into the sales funnel; but this would go all wasted completely, if Call To Action button is not in front of their eyes. Regarding this Call To Action too, there are different arguments given by different people and there are several discussions on its placement, its looks, form, etc. But all in all, it can be said that this button is extremely important; if you want to direct your customer to do exactly what you want them to do at the end of this browsing journey. 

Expert WordPress website developers too put a lot of stress on directing customers to do exactly what you want them to do and what the website has influenced them to do. This will make sure that you reach your business’s end goal very easily; i.e. getting more and more clients, customers, leads and buyers and help you generate more and more revenue every year. Just in case, your current website is running slow, here are some of the suggestions that would help you increase the speed remarkably.

  • Reduce image size
  • Remove redirects
  • Clean up “bad HTML” or Java
  • Optimize your cache
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Compress files
  • Fix any 404 or 405 errors that may arise

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