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Web Application Architecture: Choosing the Right Type in 2022

Market trends keep on switching, the expectation of a customer keeps expanding and the broadening of a business is never going to end. A web app requires architecture to lay a robust foundation and without it, your business will not flourish. Every business person wants to scale their business and make it lucrative. Advanced software solutions have reached the level of development effectively.

Website vs Web App: What’s the difference?

First of all, let us define a website. Websites are the only one-way information feeds, they do not permit viewers to communicate or interact with the sites. Mobile websites are specially designed for small touch screens and responsive designs websites automatically adjust the type of browser and size in which they are being displayed.

Web apps are websites with collective components and functions. Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, etc. are examples of web apps that are effective and created for user engagement. Web apps are very much personalized can execute a vast range of functionalities, they are more complicated to develop and require an experienced team of software developers. In web apps, data can be referenced, stored, and accessed through a personalized interface to analyze the delivery of information to your user.

What is web application architecture?

Web application architecture is a type of software that narrates the processes connected with the program running in a browser. This is the reason why mobile designers use a different type of digital architecture.

Web app architecture consists of a collection of components and a complete narration of their logic interaction. Within the web development technique in general, it decides the future design of your product, infrastructure, user experience, and much more. Here are some of the following parameters with which the quality architecture of web application can be defined:

  • System automation level
  • Capability to assemble analytics and test multiple components independently
  • Transparency towards program code
  • Solidity and security

Features of web application architecture

An effective web application enriched with the best features to offer a brilliant experience for users:


Web architecture adds up in the horizontal scaling of the web. The architecture handles the requirements for capable fluctuations in traffic. Cloud services are now becoming a trend in bandwidth proportion.


This is one of the most important features of web application architecture. Web apps get expose and can be dangerous if data and source code, consisting of consumers’ private information gets revealed. With the help of a web app, architecture considers robust code.

Saving the commonly used data that requires web applications to operate more from multiple locations at one certain location terminates synchronization, and thus enhances security.

Enhanced efficiency

The utilization of web apps will lead to improved efficiency and better business performance.

Easy Data Recovery

With the use of a web app it will recover all your data and solve all your queries.

Components of web application architecture

Components of web application architectures are divided into two parts:

User interface components

They are a part of the visual interface of a web application and have no communication with the architecture. They are limit to the web page display and indulge in activity logs, configuration setting, statistics, notification, etc to improve user experience.

Structural web components

It contains client and server components. Clients’ components reside in the user’s browser and connect with the functionality of the web applications. HTML, JavaScript, CSS are commonly use for developing these components. The database server saves the information and data that is handle by the server and is need for running the web application.

Types of Web applications architecture

A web application architecture is a medium of interaction between different web application components. Let us categorize some of the types of web application architecture:

Single page web app architecture

With a single page application, you need to download a single web page once. On the other hand client-side this page consists of Javascript, a layer that can freely connect with web services on the server and utilize data from web services, making real-time updates to itself. An abundance of data is transfer from the server to the client are least, mostly when compared to the other type.


These are tiny and lightweight services that are responsible for executing a single functionality. The microservices architecture framework permits the developers working with it to not only improve productivity but also boost the complete process. It is beneficial for huge and complicate projects requiring high level web application as each service might be edit to stop the damage of other blocks.

Progressive web app architecture

This can be describe as SPA that introduces extra features for example increase performance speed, push notifications, offline functionality, home screen induction, and much more. You might have realized that most of these features aims at enhancing web apps usability on mobile devices.

Legacy HTML web app

This architecture type is highly secure, as all the information and logic are save on the server and the client cannot have any access to it. According to the fundamental web app architecture, a server contains web page business logic and construction logic communicates with a client by sending out an entire HTML page.

Static Site Generation

The procedure of static site generation includes a generator that automates the coding of a single entity HTML pages, developing them from templates. Selecting static site generation, you get a simple and easy static website locate on any server, that seizes an already existing HTML page to be given to the users upon request.

How much does it cost to build web applications?

If you are making a project from zero, the cost will consist of development time and the work of every developer, designer, business analyst, and much more. The cost to develop web applications mainly depends on interactive pages, a basic set of functions, and complex applications. A web application development cost depends on multiple factors based on the type of product you want to receive it. Therefore it is mandatory to analyze your project needs and business goals.


The success of an advanced web application is always link with its architecture. Moving with changing needs is a demanding task and a tiny error can cost you the life of your product. Designing an advanced web application architecture needs an expert and experienced developer who understands the challenges and limitations.

We at peerbits have brilliant developers and designers who can help you in selecting your framework and can empower your business. If you are interested in developing web applications, we are ready to help you. Let’s connect today!


Patel Nasrullah Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading offshore development team provider. With his guidance many companies hire virtual developers from Peerbits for their complex and customized projects. His years of hardwork, dedication, and experience has helped him in developing profound expertise for a wide array of technologies, tools, and platforms. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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