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If you are looking for FTL services, you should contact us as we are the leading international freight forwarding companies you can rely on. In the following sections, we will look at some of the important features of our FTL transport services .

FTL transport characteristics

The advantage of FTL is that here the entire truck is used for the transport of goods. These Montreal freight forwarders make it possible to speed up the transport of goods since the vehicle moves from one point to another without any stops in between.

Another advantage is that there will be less risk of damaging your delivery since the truck will not be stop frequently to unload goods from other shippers.

As one of the leading freight forwarding companies , we ensure that your FTL cargo arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition, without any damage.

Benefits of using FTL transport services

In addition to the above, there are several other advantages to using FTL transport such as:

A low cost option

Full Truckload (FTL) transportation proves to be a cost-effective option for shippers who wish to send goods in large quantities. Also, if the shipment Truck Dispatching Services Company in North Dakota is such that it easily fills a full storage unit and full capacity, FTL is the right option to choose.

When large shipments need to be transport, FTL helps reduce the overall cost of shipping because you won’t have to book multiple LTL trucks, which usually increases the total shipping cost.

Finally, FTL fares generally vary according to the cost of fuel and the distance to be travelle. These aspects give shippers more bargaining power with carriers and can help you get good discounts on the total cost you have to bear.

Possibility of linking

If it is a destination where a large volume of shipments are transport, operators can consolidate shipments and LTL packages to turn them into a full truckload. In this way, the carrier and the shipper can save money and time on transportation.

Less risk

As leaders in food transportation and FTL transportation , we make shipping procedures less risky for our users.

Indeed, during an FTL transport, we ensure that there are fewer contact points on the route taken by our experts. So, with fewer touch points, the risk to your shipment is significantly reduce.

Shorter duration

If you plan to transport perishable goods, you should definitely consider FTL transport. There are very few stops during transit and therefore your perishable goods reach their destination in the shortest possible time when FTL transport is use.

Shipping companies will face several challenges when it comes to transporting food in 2021.

In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the key challenges and steps trucking companies can take to overcome these barriers.

Global uncertainties

The pandemic has caused critical disruptions across all sectors of the food supply chain and transportation industry.

We have noticed issues such as driver shortages, close ports and supply networks that have been severely affect.

To overcome these problems, freight forwarders need to become more flexible. They stick to static transport routes, they will be vulnerable to disruptions and delays.

So the right option is to keep your scheduling flow flexible so that deliveries can be re-route as need.

Reduced turnaround time

Shorter delivery times have now become the new norm due to the efforts of e-commerce giants such as Amazon.

Freight forwarders and food transportation networks can achieve this goal by improving their supply chain visibility and building their real-time planning capabilities.

Technology integration

Freight forwarders will overcome the obstacles they face and stay agile by integrating technology into their work process.

Specifically, such technology integration will enable freight forwarders to maintain real-time status of trucks, cross-docks, warehouses and hubs and how they are being use.

This information will help freight companies make quick decisions when needed. It will also be necessary to properly analyze the available data so that it can be quickly transform into actionable information. Proper supply chain integration will help shipping services anticipate disruptions and quickly decide on alternative options.

Productivity issues

Improving productivity is a challenge facing freight transport companies. For example, data shows that transportation workers tend to take more sick leave than workers in other fields. Companies can use attendance and time management software to improve the productivity of their staff.

An automation system will help in thorough analysis and identification of punctuality issues or any irregularities that need to be resolve. Additionally, time worked statistics can serve as numerical data that can be use to improve labor productivity and efficiency.

Change towards sustainability

Goods delivery also includes the challenge of incorporating sustainability initiatives into work processes. This is due to greater consumer awareness of sustainable practices with less environmental impact.

The result is that the supply chain in different parts of the world goes in circles instead of staying linear. Companies must adapt accordingly to integrate these green initiatives into their working procedures.

A final note

To conclude, we can say that there are different challenges that delivery services are expect to face in 2021.

However, these challenges can be overcome with proper planning and careful implementation.

he use of GPS

In 2021, shipping companies will pay more attention to safety and visibility during transit.

For this, the adoption of tracking and localization technologies by a freight forwarder, will allow him to achieve better traceability will become one of the main points of interest during the next year.

For example, the use of the GPS system will produce real-time location data for the fleet as well as for products transported by freight during transit. This property will allow this line of business to avoid losses that arise from theft and other similar problems.

The new GPS systems will also be able to make changes to your route taking into consideration certain aspects such as weather and road conditions, road traffic situation, etc.

The use of Blockchain technology

BlockChain technology can be use by freight companies to ensure the accuracy and precision of historical performance readings.

By way of example, if a truck is sold second-hand, the potential buyer may well have certain information which remains relative to the nature of the use of the truck previously.

Also, the fact that the transactions that are carry out using Blockchain technology tend to be transparent and immutable, so everyone can be reassure about the accuracy of the information relating to the truck, the subject of the possible transaction.

Also, Blockchain technology can be used by a road transport company to control the loading capacity of the truck. Of course, everyone is aware of the fact that freight charges depend on the volume of the goods. IoT sensors can be used to determine the space required by a particular cargo. The available data can then be use to calculate the shipping cost.

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