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Ways to Use Social Media for Non-profits in 2020

As a non-profit, you probably have a shoestring budget for your marketing. You can relax, as you do not need a large marketing budget in this Information Age. For a fraction of the cost, you can use, social media, to not only boost your visibility but also have one-on-one interaction with your end-users.

Social Media for non-profits is not only vital—it’s crucial. As of 2017, around 98% of all non-profits had some social media presence. This is a clear indicator that non-profits got the message that the internet was the way to go if they wanted a mouthpiece for their agendas. If you haven’t yet gotten on the bandwagon, do so now.

 5 Tips for Non-Profits Using Social Media

These tips keep in mind the small budget that non-profits have. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or management, but can be handled by a single person. These tips will help you build your online presence and get you a marketing niche in the world.

  1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Your Message!

If not daily, at least weekly, communicate your non-profit’s message. You can do it through polls, infographics, tweets, posts, articles, the list is virtually endless. But no matter how you post, remember social media post writing is an art. It has got to grab eyeballs and strike at the mind at the same time. Use photographs and thought-provoking statements that pricks your readers’ consciences and gets them passionate about your cause.

  1. Connect with your members and followers

Nothing beats one-on-one conversations with your members and followers. Follow-up on their questions. Answer them until they satisfied. Learn their names. Show them that you value their contribution to your organisation. Hold a ‘Donor of the week’ campaign where you show your appreciation for your donors. It is an authentic way to win over people, and get them fired-up about the causes in which both of you believe.

  1. Conduct polls on social media

The easiest way to find out how your donors and well-wishers would like to participate is to hold a poll online. Also, you can have quizzes and contests on your social media handles to get the buzz going. Reward winners with internships and behind-the-scenes views of your organisation. Your organisation will be gaining a lot of viewership, and you’ll be helping others who want to make a difference get an entry into this world.

  1. Give your viewership the real deal

Engage with your readers by curating a narrative. Give them the hard facts and help them to understand the exact nature of the challenge you are facing. Use statistics to your advantage so that you can paint the truest, most sobering picture. Share data but in a way that plucks a heartstring.

  1. Make copious use of ‘How-to’ articles

To show your readers, well-wishers, donors how best they can help your organisation, make use of ‘How-to’ articles. These simplify the volunteering procedure for users and gets them action-oriented at once. To know how best to write these ‘How-to’ articles contact the aid of professional content writing services.

Why Non-Profits Benefit More on Social Media

Non-profits tend to gain a lot more attention on social media. This attention is because they are not trying to sell something but are working towards a noble cause. People tend to trust them, and that helps bolster participation.

So, if you are a non-profit, make use of these tips and boost the viewership of your organisation. Get people talking, sharing, tweeting and generally create a buzz that translates into social change—the kind that rocks the world.

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