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Ways By Which Women Can Conceive Safely

Some couples can get pregnant within a month or two of trying. But for many, it can get a bit longer. The fertility rate in Melbourne has significantly dropped in the recent decades from 1.8 births per woman to 1.5 in 2020. One in six couples experiences infertility here. Although pregnancy is something that you cannot plan and control, there are ways by which you can increase your chances of getting pregnant soon. For instance, you can look into the service of a fertility massage in Melbourne, which is therapeutic in nature. It helps maintain muscle integrity and provide stress relief, which is one of the primary reasons women cannot conceive. Given below are various things you can try out if you are keen on starting a family.

Go for a Preconception Checkup

A checkup is essential even before you start trying for a baby. Ask your physician about prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid. It helps in preventing congenital disabilities, like spina bifida. Folic acid is essential, especially during the initial pregnancy stages. You need to ensure that you’re getting an adequate amount of it even before you actually conceive.

It’s important to remember that if you have any underlying medical conditions, they should be adequately controlled for you to have a safe pregnancy.

Monitor Your Ovulation

You are most fertile two days before you ovulate. There’re various methods through which you can find out about your fertile days. You can either chart your basal body temperature or check for fertile cervical mucus. Ovulation tests work similarly to pregnancy tests. You have to pee on a strip of paper and then get the result. However, note that it’s difficult to interpret them, so you have to understand the instructions properly.

Fertility monitors are another useful digital device for this purpose. It accurately tells you about your most fertile days. You can consider purchasing them if you are keen on getting pregnant fast.

Consider a Fertility Massage

Today, many complex techniques are there for helping women become mothers. In Melbourne, in vitro fertilisation, surrogacy, and intra-uterine insemination are the three most prevalent options. In contrast to these options, a fertility massage is a reasonably uncomplicated procedure that enhances your chances of conception. This type of massage supports a woman’s body and cleanses the toxins. It also works to minimise stress hormones and balance hormones that assist the reproductive system. A specialised fertility massage in Melbourne is a deeply relaxing and non-invasive treatment that targets the abdominal area with the objective to strengthen, toning, and repositioning the gut and uterus.

Don’t Overdo Sex

Many women assume that if they excessively engage in sex, it will increase their chances of conceiving. But in reality, it is not necessarily true. Generally, you can engage in sex every alternate night during the time you ovulate. Sperm can live till five days in your body. So, instead of engaging more than usual in this activity, the better option is to have it regularly while you are ovulating and when you are not.

Although you cannot pinpoint exactly when you’ll get pregnant, there’s no need to feel disheartened if your attempts don’t yield results. Try to maintain a healthful lifestyle by consuming a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Do not overexercise at any point. Consider the tips mentioned above and hope for the best.

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