Way to Record Daily Sales in QuickBooks

Recording daily sales in QuickBooks is a simple task but time-consuming. However, it tracks down all the info within the system it’s important to record all the info to urge the utmost from the software capabilities. You’ll also enter cash receipts in QuickBooks which has a similar significance.

The sorts of businesses that require to record daily sales in QuickBooks are those that don’t do invoicing, e.g. restaurants, the sweetness services industry, medical offices, and sometimes e-commerce companies, too. With these businesses, there’s a transparent point of sale that breaks away QBO. Recording daily sales don’t mean you record each sale within the day with a receipt. Which will appear to be the proper thanks to rolling in the hay but it’s tedious and unnecessarily time-consuming. What you would like to try to instead is to enter one sales receipt with the entire for all the sales income of that day.

Step 1: found out your accounts within the Chart of Accounts.

Fill in your –

  • Name (i.e. daily sales)
  • Category type (i.e. bank)
  • Detail type (i.e. cash available, checking)

(The daily sales account balance is going to be $0.)

Step 2: found out the things under the Products & Services list.

Fill in your –

  • Category type (i.e. daily sales)
  • Name (i.e. cash, check)
  • Sales description (i.e. cash, check number & name)
  • Sales price
  • Income account (i.e. cash available, undeposited funds)
  • Tick if it’s taxable

Step 3: Entering the daily sales employing a sales receipt

The daily sales from your point of sales system (POSS) should reflect the sales, sales tax, and total amount collected for every day. Under billing address, found out Daily Sales, then enter the following:

  • Enter the date of the sale under the sales receipt date.
  • Found out the payment method as daily sales.
  • Under deposit to enter the daily sales account from the chart of accounts.

(Entries to be made with a positive value)

  • Under sales enter the sales income (from your POSS daily sales report).
  • Using an equivalent report from your POSS, enter the nuisance tax.

(Entries to be made with a negative value)

  • Enter the quantity received from cards (VISA/Master Card/American Express etc.) respectively under VISA, MC, or AMEX.
  • Under checks enter each check separately, including the check number and name of the customer.
  • Under cash enter the quantity received as cash payments.
  • Save the info entered and shut it.

N.B.: As mentioned earlier, the entire amount of the sales receipt must equal zero (i.e. total sales + nuisance tax = (the negative of) card payments + check payments + cash payments for that day.

Step 4: Record deposits after you receive them in your bank

Once your funds are received under the undeposited fund category, you want to update this in QBO so that your accounts match your statement. Under deposit, enter the payments received by your merchant service for VISA/MC/AMEX and therefore the checks that are deposited.

  • Under Deposit, you’ll find this data –
  • The checking account where the funds were deposited (e.g. checking).
  • The date the funds were received.
  • Where they were received from and therefore the payment method (i.e. Daily Sales).
  • Under the memo, the quantity received for VISA/MC/AMEX or checks.

Once you receive the funds in your checking account, check the small box next to the quantity received either via VISA/MC/AMEX or checks. The entire amount of the deposit must tally with the quantity received in your checking account.

If your merchant service deducts their fee from each transaction, you want to note this in QBO. Under Received From entering Daily sales. Then choose merchant fee expense under Account, and enter the deduction as a negative value.

Step 5: make sure the deposits recorded to match the bank transactions

  • Under Transaction > Banking, next to the deposit made, under Action, it’ll say Match if the quantity downloaded from the statement tallies with the QBO entry.
  • And that’s just about it! It’s going to appear to be tons of data, but if you’re taking a better check out the 5 steps, they’re pretty straightforward and straightforward to follow.

In case you’ve got any questions associated with record Daily Sales in QuickBooks, you’ll contact QuickBooks customer support team 1844-857-4846 and that they will assist you with the simplest in school software. They’re high professionals who are available 24/7 for your assistance.

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