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Wash Away Your Customers’ Woes With A Customizable Uber For Laundry App

The fast-paced lifestyle of people has made people rely on on-demand apps to accomplish their daily tasks. How exactly do these on-demand services help people? It helps people get their favorite restaurant foods to doorsteps, book a taxi from the convenience of homes, get their dirty clothes cleaned, etc., all within a few clicks!

Wearing clean and neat clothes daily is what everyone prefers. To do so, cleaning clothes becomes an essential part of everyday activity. To make it simple, on-demand laundry apps come in handy to assist people in getting the dirty clothes washed and ironed in just a few swipes.

In this way, on-demand apps make life easier for people, which thereby increases the demand for reliable app solutions. According to reports, the global laundry market forecast to reach $113.24 billion by 2027. Don’t these reasons seem to be sufficient to commence your on-demand business journey with laundry delivery app development?

If you’re willing to give your idea a shape, the Uber business model can serve as a great inspiration for a successful venture. This blog covers all the major aspects you need to know to develop an Uber for laundry app.

How Does This App Work?

The stakeholders involved in the business are the service provider, laundryman and customer.

  • Firstly, the users have to download and register in the app giving the details.
  • The customers can make bookings for the laundry service and schedule a pickup time.
  • The service provider receives the notification on the booking request and reaches the customer’s location to pick the clothes.
  • The garments are then processed at the laundry. Customers can track the status of their orders. They receive alerts when the order is ready.
  • The app facilitates the customer to make payment. After that, the cleaned clothes are delivered to their doorsteps.

What Are The Top Benefits Of An On-Demand Uber Laundry Service App?

  1. It saves the precious time of users, which is otherwise wasted on washing dirty clothes.
  2. It allows customers to conveniently schedule pickup and delivery times as per their availability at home. Furthermore, it also lets users customize and avail of the services as per their requirements. Like they can ask for washing with eco-friendly cleansers and so on.
  3. In case you own a laundry shop, you can scale your business with a laundry app. It helps your customers to reach you easily, thereby strengthening your customer base.
  4. Moreover, the laundry app acts as a platform that connects the user with the laundry person. So, there will be no need for an initial investment in buying equipment. You can develop a solution, make laundry services available on your platform and profit from the interest rate.

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Types Of Business Model

As mentioned above, there are two ways of utilizing the on-demand app based on the business model you follow. Let us gain a deep insight into the details of the business model.

  • Marketplace

If you don’t own a laundry app, this model is for you! Here, you can tie up with the laundry shops and list their services on your platform. Customers can choose the service they desire and make bookings. Your app basically acts as a medium connecting the vendors and customers. Apps like Cleanly, Mulberry’s work on this model.

  • On-Site

A business that already owns a laundry shop, but wants to expand its customer base can go for this model. You can make your service available on the app platform. Customers may not choose to visit laundry shops, but they would happily come to avail of the online laundry service.

Whatever the business model you choose, you need delivery providers. If you don’t have an in-house team to take up the deliveries, you can hire freelancers to do the task. There is another alternate way of doing this.

Apps like TaskRabbit connect users with people who are available to do cleaning & delivery instead of laundry shops. So, the company does not need to think of the deliveries. In this way, TaskRabbit gains commission for each booking through the app.

What Are The Core Features Of Uber For Laundry App?

Having decided to create your own app, it is essential to know the features that favor laundry service operations. Now, let us see what they are.

Customer Panel

It can include features such as,

  • Account log in to register in the app.
  • Cost calculator gives the estimation of the cost based on the type of clothes, type of service, etc., that the users choose.
  • Booking option allows the customer to make an immediate booking or schedule service for a later time.
  • Push notifications and order tracking lets customer track the status of their order. Notifications to alert customers on discounts or offers.
  • In-app payment enables users to pay for the service via the app
  • Invoice bills can be generated automatically and sent to the customers’ mail for future reference.

Delivery Panel

It can contain all the essential features that would help delivery men process requests and show optimized routes to make deliveries to the destined location.

  • Order History can give details on the order bookings, including the scheduled timing.
  • Accept/Deny requests can enable the service provider to take up orders based on their availability.
  • Route maps can guide the drivers to take short routes by showing suggestions.
  • Set status of the order, which allows providers to edit the order’s status as laundry is picked, washed and delivered.

Service Provider

The app can have features such as,

  • Information about an order feature that displays details of preferences and notes given by the customer.
  • Manage information about services allows the owner to easily update prices or any special offerings.
  • View analytics option lets owners view their income, number of orders taken, etc.

Wrapping Up,

Undoubtedly, laundry delivery app development can be profitable for all the parties that involves in this business model. And for any laundry app to be successful, it requires a thoughtful planning strategy and a proper way of implementing the ideas. If done right, then your business is sure to take heights, earning you greater income.

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